Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sheep and pages

Yesterday Kylie and I played a fun game that we found at toddlertoddler.com.

I cut out 8 sheep, taped them to pillows and asked Kylie to find them and hand them to me. She followed the directions beautifully and had a big time turning over the pillows. Delightfully, the game continued when Kylie decided to tape the sheep to the couch, then onto me, then onto herself, onto the windowsill...well you get the idea. And then we had running sheep and jumping sheep. It was fun!

The only other site I know that shares toddler activities (mostly crafts) is Skiptomylou.org.

If you have some favorite toddler sites like these, please share them in the comments. Activities like this really help on rainy days!

Here are some recent scrapbook pages.
Nice Try

Teething sucks

Kylie's big snow


Audra said...

LOL I love the caption on the first page

Lynanne said...

What a neat idea! Do you suppose she'll be counting sheep to help herself get to sleep tonight?

Lovely scrapbook pages!

Meg said...

Thanks so much for the links! I haven't been to those sites yet.

Love the pages, especially the last one.

BTW - my URL changed and I didn't really do a good job of notifying anyone. I dont want you to loose me!


Thank you, btw, for the encouragement


Anonymous said...

What a great idea for a game, I will have to look on the site- thanks. Love the pages, you have inspired me to take one of Jessica's classes- thank you!