Sunday, October 05, 2008

A few new things

Kylie has been waking up at 6am instead of 5:30 which is a most welcome change. I've started putting her in one of those warm, fluffy sleepers at night instead of a summer cotton one. But the sleeper is too long for walking around so I have to change her before we come downstairs for breakfast and play.

One of her new things is to climb into her toy box in our family room. She pushes out the toy bags and hangs out in there for a while (supervised of course). Then she wants me to dump all of her Little People into the bin with her. She scream-laughs every time. Then she sits on her Little People and starts tossing them out of the bin.

Other new things:
  • Kylie has been very kissy lately. She's been pursing her lips to give us kisses.
  • She wants to know where her moms are at all times or to inform us that she knows that one of us is missing. This morning, she said "Mama?" about five times. I would reply, "Momma's sleeping baby. She'll be down soon." Later I went upstairs for something and she asked Karen, "Me-ma?" and Karen would reply, "She's upstairs. She'll be right back". This goes on all day.
  • She climbed into a rocking boat at Gymboree. Then she looked at me and said, "Row, row, row".
  • She's starting to recognize numbers. When she sees a number in a book she says, "Two!" For all the numbers, it's two!

    This week I learned how to adjust the aperture and shutter speeds on our camera while still looking through the viewfinder (instead of lowering the camera). And I learned about the exposure display on the camera. Inch by inch, I'm learning more and more!

    Here are some scrapbook pages!
    Cat beds



    Gathering Together - 2 pages

    Lynanne said...

    I so much love to read about all the things that Kylie is doing.

    Ahhh, autum...Don't you wish they made the warm fluffy sleepers for adults?

    Great scrapbook pages as always!

    Kerry Lynn said...

    I'm still learning stuff on my camera too! It's crazy. Believe it or not I didn't know about the focus points until about a month ago. I had no idea what all those red lights were. Now that I've figured it out I hardly get incorrectly focused photos. Yipee!

    M&J say "two" for numbers too!! Especially when we say "one" rather than repeating they say "two". I was amazed the first time they did it.