Monday, June 29, 2009

Big News

Good-bye Portland

Good-bye the most gay-friendly and kid-friendly place I've ever been.

Good-bye to:
Multnomah Falls & Cannon Beach,
to all the glorious parks we've visited,
the Portland Zoo and Children's Museum,
to the Rose Garden, Japanese Garden and Chinese Garden,
to beautiful Mt. Hood that graces our skies daily and
Mt. Saint Helens that we can see on a clear day.

Good-bye to our lovely house
with the red kitchen and butler's pantry,
with the family room that has the 3 windowsills that Kylie's spent so much time playing with,
to the prettiest blue bedroom I've ever seen,
the walk-in shower and soaking tub,
to Kylie's room that's painted like a garden
and the backyard that changed from having a fountain, to a garden to simple grass.

Good-bye to the place where Kylie was thought of and then born. To her first house. Her Gymboree classes where she has attended since she was 4 months old, her newly found swim school, and all the trees that she loves to pat and kiss.

Good-bye Portland, Oregon

We are moving to..........

(tune in tomorrow for location and story).


Ethan Barry's Momma said...

Looking forward to hearing the rest of the story...
Leaving one place can be so hard, as i know, but it's also the start of a new, exciting adventure. Here's to your next chapter!

laffy said...

Aww I almost feel sad for you! New beginnings can be fun too. You and Kylie can go exploring together! I wish all of you the best! Hugs

Caroline said...

Oh, I can't wait to hear where you guys are moving to.

Lynanne said...

We have to wait a whole day!?

It's sad leaving your child's first home, I know. But, you've so beautifully documented all those things and soon will be having all new adventures with fresh memories wherever you may go! I can't wait to hear about it!

Laurie said...

Oh the suspense!!!!

Unknown said...

Leaving us hanging?!?!?

Kelly Lopez said...

Oh my! Can't wait to hear the rest!!

Stef said...

oh. oh oh .. that was just mean!! Maybe your'r moving to California???

Heather said...

Oh the suspense!! Portland sounds like an amazing place, I hope this new town has lots to explore!

Kerry Lynn said...

Oh please be Boston!!

This is huge news and completely out of the blue!

Nada in Australia said...

Hmm, maybe its Australia!!!!

Can't wait to find out...

Soupy said...

ahhhhhhhhh! now we won't get to "Hook up 'if we come to Portland - this makes me sad! however, OMG, I love DC!!!!!!!!!!!Congrats to Karen!!!!

Maya said...

Oh, sniff!
I'm a longtime lurker, first time commenter. I was born and raised in Portland and have read your blog for a long time, have been so envious of the beautiful life you have in Portland.
I'm "stuck" on the east coast for now (in suburban NYC) and miss PDX every damn day! I so wish I could raise my kids there but no jobs there for me or my partner (at least for now).
But, where you are moving is wonderful place too! And being closer to family is a huge bonus.
We don't know where life will take us and what adventures there are in store. From the little I know of you, you seem like the type who can really "bloom where you're planted." I will keep checking back to see your progress! Best of luck to you and your beautiful family!