Friday, June 12, 2009

Photo Friday 6/12

I should be folding laundry before everything becomes impossibly wrinkled but instead I'm playing around in Photoshop. Do me a favor and let me know which picture you like best.
#1. This picture is right out of the camera.

#2. This one has an action called Sweet Lavender added to it. It brought out more of the blue tones and it softened that big black square.

#3. This one got "boosted" with Pioneer Woman's boost action. I love how her hair looks in this one. Unfortunately, I didn't get the swing she was pushing into the shot. Without seeing the swing, this one makes you wonder what the heck she is doing.

#4. This action is called lime juice. I've never used it much before but I like what it did to this photo. Kind of soft and summer-feeling.

Here's a few more sweet shots.
#5. Sitting on the slide.

#6. I like this one because I was sitting in the swing next to her when I took it.

And hey, since you've come this far. Which picture number 7 crop do you like best?
Crop A or

Crop B


f said...

#6 (the one of her sitting on the swing next to you -- super awesome perspective and deep/rich tones)

crop B -- like the strong diagonal and sense of motion. also captures her leaning onto the swing a little better.

awesome collection of shots!

where do you get all of these "actions"?

Loralou said...

Crop B definitely! That is the best shot as it has real emotion on it and evokes a response in me. Great shots though! Which camera do you use?

Laurie said...

I like #6 and B :) Although they are all fantastic!

Heather said...

pictures galore. I like them all!! Crop A I think is a def. keeper.

Nicole Elizabeth said...

#5. Sitting on the slide.
and crop A

Both capture her personality quite wonderfully.

Angele said...


lemon juice effect

first crop i like better

ajs4ever said...

I really like crop b! She is beautiful as always!!

Beth said...

she's just precious... can't choose a favorite... the "lime juice" one is kinda cool, though.

like crop B best.

you are an excellent photographer!

Wendy and Karen said...

Hi "F" and Loralou-

Thanks for your comments. Here's some answers for you.

I use several actions from the "sweet set" from:

Pioneer Woman has some free actions that I use frequently. You can find them here:

And I really want Totally Rad's actions, both I & II. Feel free to buy them for me :). You can find them here:

Once you start googling actions, you can find lots more and lots of free ones too. But these are the ones that I recommend.

Oh, and Loralou,
I shoot with a Nikon D50. I still shoot in auto mode about half the time but I learning to shoot in manual too.

Anonymous said...

i hope this won't make up sad but i find that your daughter is starting to look different, more grown up, more mature. she is still beautiful though

traci said...

I love the pic of her on the swing next to you and crop B!

Kerry Lynn said...

I like #4 but maybe with the boost action.
And I actually like crop A.

Where are all of these people coming from all of a sudden? You have so many commenters!