Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Missed her

While I thoroughly enjoyed our vacation, I really missed the kiddo. It was fantastic to have her throw herself into my arms at the airport on Sunday. All day yesterday, instead of running around doing all the laundry and putting away and cleaning that I needed to do, I sat and marveled at my darling girl.

I am struck by the sparkle in her eyes, her spirit, her giggles and her joy. I laughed as she shared some new phrases like, "You're awesome" and "That's cool" that she probably picked up from her cousins. I rolled my eyes as she said, "Are we there yet?" for the first time (and then the tenth time) as we ran some errands.

Before vacation, I hadn't picked up my Nikon in over a week. I've been taking my picture-a-day with my iPhone instead. But my delight in seeing the babe had me firing over 100 pictures in two days. We came back to snow--again snow!--in DC. But if it makes Kylie this happy, it's all right with me.







My darling sweet girl.



Shannon said...

The picture with the apple is fantastic!

M said...

She is adorable! Glad you had a good time in Mexico.

Beth said...

Darling photos! It hasn't snowed like this in years! Glad Kylie is enjoying it! =) Also happy to hear what a wonderful trip you had and that Karen is feeling better.

Would love to get together for a playdate one day! Adam's naps are shorter now (since he's almost 3?) so he's usually up around 3 these days. Maybe we could have an early afternoon playdate? Let me know how your schedule looks! In the meantime, enjoy the (new) snow!!! =)