Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Update from Mexico

Wendy is happily snuggled on the couch and I'm filling in with this blog post for today. Hi! We've had a wonderful few days here and have done practically nothing except lay by the pool or beach, read, watch the first season of "Glee" on DVD, and have room service. I feel better than I have in weeks (maybe months) and, other than missing Kylie and looking forward to seeing her sweet self in a few days, I think I'd be content to stay here for at least another month.

I've not had any further chest pain or other weirdness (thank goodness) and while my cardiologist told me there may very likely be at least some blockage in my ticker somewhere, I'm going to chalk up this whole nasty experience to job-related yuckiness and put it behind me. Of course, my doc told me to really ramp up my exercise (which I plan to do once I'm back in the states and nearer to good emergency care just in case) and to really watch my diet, so I'll do that. This whole business is enough to scare me straight (pardon the pun) and I plan on being a very good girl in the diet and exercise arena in days (weeks, months, years) to come. I've got so much to live for with my sweet Wendy and Kylie that I want to make sure I'm doing everything I can to ensure I have many, many years ahead to share with them. Nothing like a "near death" experience (or at least a "oh Lord, please don't let this be another heart attack" experience) to get my butt back on the track of better health and fitness.

My Mom is keeping Kylie this week while we're here and she has sent us two wonderful emails updating us on what Kylie is doing and how things are going while we're lounging around down here. We loved today's note so much that I thought it might be fun to share it with you too. Enjoy...

Hi Girls,

Kylie is down for her nap and I'm thinking about taking one myself. It is a cloudy, cool day but not raining for a change. Kylie has to sing the rain go away song about every day.

She is doing well and is liking Uncle Teddy better everyday. At first she would say he scared her a little bit. Now, she stands at the bottom of the steps and calls him to come down. She likes the Mario Game because the little man jumps. She is enjoying our visit with Mother every night, too. While I was talking to Linda last night, they played hide n' seek. Nana lost her balance and fell on the couch. Kylie thought she was playing and laughed so hard. Papaw is in his own world of sports but Kylie still gets him involved as much as she can. She cooked his food and served him this morning and asked him to change the TV to her show. We have played with the stickers, colored, did work sheets and read several books.

We have not had any accidents except the early morning wet pull-up when she first wakes up. She surprises me being as good as she is at such an early age. I've not had any luck in skipping baths as she is very persistent and will not agree to missing one. I do however sneak lotion on her when she isn't looking. I tell her it is my good smelling soap.

She hasn't cried since Saturday and I think all the crowd coming in delayed her eating, bath, bedtime and just was too much for her to endure. Amy and Emily came by Mom's last night and she was fine.

We are learning a new song but she wanted me to change part of it because it made her sad. We changed it and now she wants to sing it every morning while on her potty.You probably remember Playmate, come out and play with me. She didn't like the part that said --I'm sorry playmate I cannot play with you. She said I can play with her,Nana.

Kylie is the best and we are having lots of fun!




Kerry Lynn said...

I am SO glad you are both having a wonderful time. It sounds like pure heaven.
I'm also glad you're feeling better Karen!

Teaberry said...

Oh, Kylie is so thoughtful. She already sounds like she has great empathy and will be one of those kids who makes sure that everyone is included. That's awesome.

Also glad to hear Karen is feeling better!

And you are SO lucky to be in such a beautiful place right now! It's supposed to snow here-again! Enjoy yourselves!!!

Meg - Tea And Brie said...

I'm glad you guys are enjoying your trip! And, I figured out the loseit! thing! I used my usual email - :)

kiles1670 said...

You have an amazing daughter :-) I have followed your blog since Kylie was just a tiny baby.
I was so glad to hear that Karen is feeling so much better.
Take care of yourselves and keep up the great blogging.
Your family is an inspiration to me everyday.