Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Cold and crazy

I've been going around asking strangers, "What is up with this wind? Is this normal?" and "What is going on with this bitter cold weather? Is this normal?". And I know Karen's tired of hearing me say, "I'm cold. It's cold here. This house is cold. I'M COLD!"

Seriously, this lovely older home has the cold wind whipping through it, particularly in the basement. The cats and I practically live in front of our space heater. Yeesh!

We joined MyGym this week and Kylie loved it. I'm probably going to me known as "the crazy cold mom" because that's all I could talk about with all the other parents. Kylie loves the ball pit at MyGym. On her first class, she got to do a supported handstand, do the long jump down a mat and hang on a zip line. She was in heaven.

Here are a few more pictures, some scrapbook pages, and a widget of what she's been reading from the library.





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Teaberry said...

Honestly, it's unusually cold, I promise. It really doesn't get this way very often... it's been odd. Today, the high 30's, is usually the coldest it will get. Seeing 20's, teens and single digits is strange.

I'm sick of it, too!!