Sunday, January 10, 2010

Thank heavens for bugs

This week we are back to a full schedule for Kylie. Hurray! Here's what it looks like:
Mondays: My Gym
Tuesdays: Ballet
Wednesdays: Swimming
Thursday: Art
Fridays: Gymboree.

It has been so challenging to have Kylie in the house ALL DAY during this very cold winter break. I become her constant playmate and that can be exhausting.

A few things made it easier:

The At Play Cafe that blogging friend Beth told me about. It's a sweet little indoor playground and coffee shop. It's a bit pricey per visit but well worth it. Kylie has a great time playing there. In this picture (shot with my iPhone) she's trying on every hat and outfit in their costume box.

Kitchen play/help. Kylie really wants to be in the kitchen with me and help make our meals. To help her feel involved, I have a baggy of dry pinto beans that I have her move from baggy to bowl and stir around. If she finishes with that, then she gets a baggy of dry macaroni noodles. Occasionally, she does a bit more work like in this picture. Here Kylie helped me by washing some grapes and then pulling them off the stem and putting them onto the paper-lined plate. I love how intent she is on her task. She sort of sucks in her bottom lip a bit when she's concentrating. The look reminds me of my grandmother.

Another big help was the Alex Little Hands Paper Plate Bug set that I got on sale from Borders. Kylie loved making these bugs. We would do one every couple of days. This kit was fabulous and I'm so glad I got it. We also got the Crafty Cars set but Kylie hasn't enjoyed it as much. Alex Toys has several other kits that I look forward to getting.

Lastly, as you can see in the above photo, Kylie's hair had gotten to the fuzzy/bushy stage. It was so hard to brush and comb in the mornings and in her eyes and face all day. So today she got another haircut.

During (taken with my iPhone and tweaked with an iPhone app called Shake It which puts the photo on polaroid paper--fun!):
Hope you are having a great weekend.

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