Friday, January 01, 2010

Christmas Scrapbook Pages

I love to scrapbook. I like the mix of creativity and control that I have as I look at a 12 x 12 page on my computer. I like matching pictures and stories to papers and elements. I just love it.

But scrapping major events and holidays intimidates me. I'm much better with the day-to-day stuff.

So I was thrilled when one of my favorite digital scrapbookers created two series of quick pages. You can find them here. With the help of these quick pages, I was able to finish my Christmas scrapbooking by today. Hurray!




knitting for loved ones.jpg

high jinks.jpg



Grandpa reads.jpg


granna presents.jpg

santa cookies.jpg

Dad reads.jpg

christmas day.jpg



Beth said...

Oh, I just LOVE these pages! They are magical! So happy that you had such a lovely Christmas here in NoVa! =)

We are back in town... and may be free on Thursday morning. I might have a Dr's appt then -- waiting to hear back from the office. If I don't have an appt, would you like to have a playdate? Adam misses Kylie! Let me know -- email or just leave a comment on my blog.

Happy New Year to you all!!! =)

Dodie Sa said...

I'm off to buy these quick pages! They are lovely and just what I need to get a kick start to my Christmas scrapbooking pages! Thank you!!!