Friday, January 08, 2010


Each day after Kylie's had her nap and her snack, we have "school".

I tear out a page from the bridge activities book. Kylie traces the letter of the day with her marker and then colors the pictures that start with that letter. I've been increasingly impressed that she knows all of the pictures. Yesterday she surprised me when she knew the eggplant picture and proceeded to color it purple.

Then we move on to the Book of Easy Mazes. Kylie completes the mazes on both the front and back of the torn-out page.

Then we do a page from Kumon's "Sticker and Paste" book or the "Let's Cut Paper" book or Kylie does a water color art page.

At then end of school, Kylie proudly puts her schoolwork on the steps so that she can show it to Momma Karen. I really enjoy my interaction with Kylie as I teach her and help her through her lessons. It's often the highlight of my day with her.

Yesterday it was warm enough (in the 30's) for us to go outside for 30 minutes. There is still snow from where we shoveled our driveway.

Kylie likes the crunching sound it makes as she steps on it with her new snow boots.

She still likes sneaking around eating bits of dirty snow. She'll hide behind trees....

or run and hide behind the car.

Perhaps if I mesmerize Mommy with my hypnotic eyes, she won't see me get more bites of snow.

Nice try kiddo but you are busted!


Alayna said...

I love your school schedule! I may have to borrow some of those ideas. And wow, it really must be cold if in the 30s is warm!

Anonymous said...

I did not have any luck with the Kumon but I am going to try some of the other ideas...Now i feel LAZY for not taking my daughter outside in 30 degree weather! Great add that to the list.

Beth said...

great idea -- school! =)

we miss you both -- hope you got my e-mail about a playdate -- let me know if you haven't!

ae1501 said...

You do some amazing projects & activities with Kylie.