Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Postcards from Tennessee part one

Kylie and I stayed at the same hotel in Columbia SC that we stayed at last winter when we went to TN. Kylie brought her favorite two stuffed animals for the trip. Her best quote from the journey was on Friday when we had been on the road for about four hours and had stopped to eat dinner. Kylie said, "You know Mommy, if we had flown we would have been there by now". My little traveler loves flying.



We arrived Saturday afternoon and Kylie got lots of love from her Nana.

On Sunday, we were letting Kylie run around the nearby track. Her Aunt Amy and cousin Emily found us there. It was so fun to see the girls running towards one another with their arms opened wide. And I loved their full-body tackling hug.

Hanging around the house on Monday. Kylie loves to accessorize.

On Tuesday, my Mom made us a wonderful pre-Thankgsiving lunch at her house. Afterwards we went out for a walk. We don't have much of a Fall in Florida. As we drove through the North Carolina mountains on our way to TN, Kylie kept saying, "These Fall leaves are so beautiful!" So I wasn't surprised that she wanted to play with them.

Kylie's leaf enthusiasm was catching.

I woke up with a bit of a head cold on Monday which shows a bit around my eyes.

It's lovely to get my picture made with my darling Karen. We don't get much of an opportunity when we are away from our photo-happy family.


And later in the day, we saw Happy Feet 2.

More family pictures to come! I hope you are enjoying this Thanksgiving week with your family!

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