Friday, November 04, 2011

Week in review

With all the excitement of Halloween, the rest of this week flew by! Here are a few highlights.

This week in after-care, "N" was the letter of the week. The students made these bird nests. Kylie was so proud of hers. She named her bird "Sparkle". She had fun taking care of her pretend bird for the rest of the week.

Her school is supporting a local food drive. Kylie and I had several interesting discussions about homeless and hungry people. She still doesn't quite understand but was more than happy to drop food off at her school bin each day.

Wednesday we had parent-teacher conferences and we got a copy of Kylie's report card. If interested, you can read her report card here and here(the print is very small and hard to read on screen). Kylie is doing well in school. Her teachers wrote: Kylie is very pleasant to have in the classroom. She has a great outlook and rarely needs redirection. We are currently working on getting her to choose more challenging work on her own. She is ready to start higher Montessori materials. She seems very happy at school and is always enthusiastic to learn.

Thursday was my birthday. Karen and I celebrated Wednesday afternoon. I was grateful to my family for their phone calls and cards. Kylie gave me a wonderful card; she decorated the envelope. And fortunately, I was able to understand what she had written and drawn.
Kangaroo, elephant, giraffe, snake, and alligator.

Kylie really wanted to get me a cake or cupcakes but I didn't want either. So Karen was able to convince Kylie to get two cookies and to decorate them for me. It was so sweet.

All in all, it was a great (and fast!) week. Have a great weekend everyone!


Allison said...

Happy Birthday! Glad you enjoyed your week!

Nicole Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday!