Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Remembering and update

One year ago today, I got pregnant with Kylie. Last year at this time, as I was leaving the reproductive clinic, I grabbed Karen's hand and said, "I feel something; I feel different. I feel like my life has changed".

And boy howdy! It has changed! It's sweeter, harder, more purposeful and more loving than I could have imagined.

Here's a quick update on the wee one.

  • She caught my cold. She started having a runny nose and eyes and a fever on Friday night. Let me tell you--it's freaky scary to see your baby's temperature spike. And then there's the sweet release when her temperature comes back down. She's handling her symptoms well and I think that she will be over this cold very soon.

  • Her sleep is changing and improving. She's taking naps in her crib instead of her swing and she's going to bed earlier at night.

  • She's started rubbing her feet, one against the other, to soothe herself. It's simply precious.

  • She's started to enjoy listening to music and even my singing. When she hears music, she smiles as if to say, "My, that's lovely."


    Margo, darling said...

    Thanks a lot, ladies. I just spent a HUGE part of my day reading through your archive! Thanks for posting this link--as a lurker of several months now (I started reading just before Kylie was born) I've had lots of questions about how you two decided to have a baby, pick a donor, etc., but was a bit too lazy to dig into your archive and look for answers. And, as I suspected, it's all there. Thanks for being such diligent and *generous* diarists.

    My partner and I are at the beginning of this journey (we'll do our first insemination next month) and I appreciate so much all you've shared here. Congratulations on an amazing year, a solid, loving relationship, and an absolutely gorgeous daughter. You two are inspirations!

    Stacey said...

    Love that second last picture. Too cute. I can't remember but weren't you one of the lucky ones who got pregnant on the first try?

    Wendy & Karen said...

    Hi Stacey, Yep! We were one of those lucky ones that got pregnant on the first try. I guess we had some strong swimmers!

    Margo, thanks for your wonderful comment and good luck on your first insemination. -Wendy

    Anonymous said...

    You know what? For some reason I was thinking of you today and said "I think Wendy and Karen got pregnant sometime around now last year." Is that weird or what? Then I thought "What a difference a year makes!"