Friday, December 26, 2008

Help with hair

Because of all the snow, we've not been able to take Kylie for a haircut. And she has really needed one. She has been pushing the hair out of her eyes for weeks now. Today I thought I would try some barrettes to hold back the side bangs. Some days she'll tolerate barrettes; other days she pulls them right out.

I have to admit that I don't know the proper way to put in a barrette like this. Do you know how? It seems to me that the hair would stay clipped better if I push the barrette from her hairline up towards the top of her hair. But then it also seems that the flower part of the barrette should be on top instead of on bottom.

I know that there is an economic crisis and world hunger, ect. And I feel pretty shallow blogging about this.

But I would really like to know. I've googled it and I can't find the answer. So can you help me out?

Wait. Here's a close-up.

And is it just me, or is Kylie looking really grown-up toddler ALL OF A SUDDEN. How did this happen?


Michelle said...

*sigh* They grow way too fast. I use the clips in Kayla's hair. I use them just like you did, except for more on the top of her head to keep her hair to the side.

traci said...

Honey, you can put them in her hair any way you'd like to put them in! Most girlies I know do it just like you did it. They do seem to have a moment where they no longer look like babies suddenly. It's beautiful and a bit sad too.

Anonymous said...

Maybe angle it a little more when you're scooping up the hair??? And maybe more on the top of the head? I dunno. I just have a boy. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, I haven't looked at your blog since we were both pregnant and I found it on some board, I forget what it even was. Anyway I just followed a comment link from Life In the Soupbowl and thought I'd say hi. Your daughter is absolutely gorgeous, and I am soooo envious of that hair!

I use clips like that only on the top of my daughter's head. Her hair is so fine that they would just slide right down the side :( So no advice here but I would think the way you have it in makes more sense.

Kerry Lynn said...

You are cracking me up since I've wondered the same top or bottom thing myself. I do find that those kinds fall out fairly easily.
I have been using small elastics just pulling the top part of the hair back either in one pony in the middle or one on each side. It's the most permanent way to do it.
Maddie's hair has never seen scissors. I didn't want to get "stuck" with bangs then have to grow them out later if we wanted to. I'm sure eventually she'll need a trim to keep it healthy but not yet.

Kerry Lynn said...

I'm back...

You could do a headband

I don't recommend the "Danny Bonaduce"

I think this is more of what Michelle was talking about even though it's not a great example

Or this is always a nice look

Kerry Lynn said...

Sorry one more.

here I've got the bow/decoration on the bottom

Unknown said...

Kerry, you absolutely crack me up. I love your Madison pictures.

Thank you Michelle, Traci, Bethany & Two Lines for your comments and suggestions.

ajs4ever said...

I swear she gets more and more beautiful everytime I see a new pic! I just love all her curls:)

Anonymous said...

oh my goodness! she is just too precious. what an angel.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you CHOOSE to think about the hair clip. She's not a doll!
Not only is it petty in the wide-world context of war and famine and all difficulties that even north-americans face beyond the suburban's also just petty on a personal level: what do you want this little person to be preoccupied with as she grows - her appearance?

Anonymous said...

I would be willing to wager that "Anonymous" (who should sign it "CHICKEN") doesn't have children, and furthermore, has never ever been a stay-at-home-mom.

As mommies, we would explode if we didn't vocalize the daily musings that involve our children. I have found myself chatting with my mommy friends about such little things as poop color and frequency, snot color and consistency, which medicines work for what, and endless little everyday things. It is the stuff our lives are made of. Yes, I know that there is suffering in the world. Yes, I wish I could do something about it, and I try to every chance that I get by helping another person in need. I feel like my life is balanced. But in our little world of staying home with our children (the only way in my opinion), it is our life's work! The little things! Each task we perform, every little itsy bitsy decision we make is akin to meeting the deadline at work, or working on a project. It's important to us! Anything that involves my child is important. It is your blog. Please don't let an ol' spoilsport dampen it. I can promise you that they are a very unhappy person. You and I don't share the same life views...but I can appreciate you for who you are: a mommy! And that is what we have in common. We dont' need to agree with each other on every level to appreciate each other for what we do.

I don't remember how I stumbled upon your blog...but I love it. And your daughter is absolutely precious. I am serious when I say she is one of the cutest children I have ever seen (next to my own little Max who was born 4-27-07). I enjoy watching her, she is just a little older than he is. It totally amazes me how they reach milestones at the exact same time. WEIRD!

Anyway, keep doing what you do. If "anonymous" doesn't like it, they don't have to read.
Besides, they shouldn't take time to read such trivial things when there are so many crises to be solved. :) :)

Anonymous said...

Ok wendy, I am delurking on this one. I really enjoy your blog and I am a WAHM who's 2 year old is still pretty bald. I enjoy reading about your happy life and your DD. I can't believe someone berated you for the barette thing...I am in shock! BTW, I'd say flower on the bottom to scoop up the hair, but I can't get her to leave them in even for decoration :)