Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Purse for a hat

As I write this, it is a bitter 20 degrees outside, effectively freezing the snow and ice that fell yesterday. Our heater is working overtime to keep our home warm. And our darling Kylie is sleeping restlessly due to a cold.

For the past few days, Karen's Mom has been visiting with us.

She brought a suitcase full of wonderful, hand-me-down books and movies from her other grandchildren/Kylie's cousins. There were also a few stuffed animals and three child-sized purses.

Well, you can see that Kylie was quite taken with them. And she has decided that one of the purses makes a fantastic hat.

Kylie puts various things in her purses and carries them around the house. They are getting lots of playtime with her. But nothing compares to how she loves this purse hat.

It sort of reminds me of a vintage chinese hat. Is this delightful or what?


Michelle said...

Love that purse hat. Kylie is a doll as always! Makes me anxious to see how my Kayla will be at that age!

Anonymous said...

Ancient chinese hat... yes, makes way more sense than ancient cheese hat as I read it first ;)

Cute pictures.

Soupy said...

Oh MY! I am dying laughing here- at first glance, I will admit, I THOUGHT IT WAS an asian themed hat! LOL LOL LOL What a doll! she cracks me up -too cute! What fun and I hope baby feels better soon!

Stacey said...

It really is too cute.