Sunday, August 16, 2009

Burke Lake Park and more

Burke Lake Park is a short drive from home and has this lovely playground.

It has lots of stairs for Kylie to climb

and a countertop where she can give me take-out cheeseburgers and milk (in the form of sticks and mulch). Kylie was watching someone go down the slide above her.

It has a few things she's not seen before like this climbing rock

that has dinosaur fossils underneath. Kylie loved climbing this thing!

It has these very cool spinning planet wheels with Chinese, Japanese, Korean, French, Spanish and German descriptions. I was pleased to hear two of these languages from the parents and children playing around us. It made me feel right at home to be on a playground where more than one language was spoken.

Kylie was so excited when she saw this. She exclaimed, "The planets!" She pointed and said, "Saturn Mommy! Saturn's rings". One of her favorite Little Einstein tv shows is all about Saturn. Then she sighed and said, "I love astronomy."

After I picked my jaw up from the ground, we went on and played with these interesting nooks and crannies.

Before we left, we ventured beyond the playground into the woods. Kylie saw this and simply had a grab a large stick and add it to the pile.

I imagine you will see lots more Burke Lake Park pictures in the future. Kylie had such a great time.

As we continue to settle in, Kylie takes particular note of the differences between this house and her previous one. In this house, we put one of those swinging-flap cat doors into the laundry room door. This way, the cats have access to their litter box without me keeping the door to the very cluttered laundry room open all the time. One day this week, Kylie was very into closing and trying to open all our doors. I was in the laundry room, folding towels. She said, "Closing the door Mommy" and shut the door. A few seconds later, she was pulling on my shorts. I looked up and the laundry room door was closed.

"Kylie," I asked, "How did you get in here?" "Show ya!" she responded and proceeded to crawl through the cat door. I busted up laughing but quickly tried to rein it in to tell her that the cat door is for the kitties only, not Kylie. But dang! That was funny!

She likes to hang her artwork and "school" lessons on the fridge. Our previous refrigerator was stainless steel so this is a first for her.

This is the glider stool that went with the glider chair I kept in the nursery. I sold the chair but kept the stool. And in the new house, I set it in from of the couch (even though the fabrics don't quite match). Who knew kiddo would love it so much? She loves to come over and rock herself on it throughout the day.

And she likes to continue to explore her backyard.

I'll leave you with this simple scrapbook page that I managed to finish after a month's absence from Photoshop.

Hope you had a great weekend!


Nicole Elizabeth said...

Seems like your all adjusting well to your new home. What a wonderful new park too.


Teaberry said...

BLP is a GREAT place!

I also recommend Clemyjontri, which is a park that is for children of all abilities and has a bunch of unique play equipment. You can find out more about it here: I bet Kylie would love it. It's in McLean (where I am a teacher, by the way) so its about... 25 minutes away from Burke. There is a carousel and it's a very colorful park-- you would be able to take amazing pictures there!

Also one of the greatest things about this county is the diversity and hearing different languages on the playground is a great example of that!

Beth said...

Burke Lake Park... a classic! Good find! =)

Also add Frying Pan Park to your list... it's a County (free) farm and playground... Adam loves it!

Looking forward to meeting when we return from our trip. So glad that you are all settling in nicely... despite the ridiculous humidity these days! =)

Louise said...

What a great park! Glad to hear that you are settling in so well into your new neighbourhood.

Kylie, as ever, looks positively cheery.

I was in Cannon Beach last week and thought of you guys.

Stacey said...

that playground is awesome.

too funny about the cat door. the cats used to run through ours to get away from riley. :P

Anonymous said...

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