Monday, August 31, 2009

Hair and menus and the little pill

Can someone tell me where the heck all the hair floating around the bathroom floor is coming from? I used to mop our old bathroom several times a week and I don't remember seeing this much hair on the floor.

Maybe it's not really more hair (she says in denial). Maybe it's because the bathroom floor and counters are so light that I'm noticing the hair more.

Or maybe my hair is in shock from the Virginia humidity and it's dropping in exhaustion.

Maybe it's Karen's hair and it's falling out because of the wonderful cooking I've been doing. Her system is in shock.

In Portland, I had a large pantry and a big freezer in the garage and I kept them both stocked. And I pretty much went from meal to meal figuring out what we would eat next. I would either be preparing meals for all three of us all day long--breakfast, lunch, dinner. And the sheer volume of that kept me from planning anything. Or Karen would be on a trip and I would fix stuff for Kylie but only eat Lean Cuisines for myself.

But now we are settling into a nice family routine with Karen home for dinner at night. Take that with a smaller food storage space, and I now find myself planning menus for us and incorporating more variety into our meals. I found this free and helpful menu planner and have actually sat down and planned out a week's worth of dinners.
I've prepared two new dishes that I've seen from the Barefoot Contessa's show on the Food Network Channel. Anyway, perhaps Karen's system is going into shock from not eating the same five things all the time.

Or perhaps it is my hair falling out after all. Kylie has been quite the pill the past few days. She's entered a stage where she doesn't want me to initiate play with her. In the past, I would say something like, "Let's get out the ponies and feed them some hay" and reach into her toy bin and pull out a horse.

Now if I do that she screams--and I mean screams--"No, don't touch it! That's my horse! I don't want to play! Put it down!".


Asking her if she wants to color is paramount to a full Kylie shriek. Same goes for suggesting just about anything.

In addition to hearing, "No it's mine and don't touch it", I'm also hearing a lot of "I can't" which really means, "I don't want to". For example, I'll say, "Let's put on our shoes and go for a walk outside". Kylie replies, "I can't". And I'll say, "I'll help you" and she'll start the "No, don't touch it" stuff again.


Of course, she doesn't want me to do anything that takes my attention from her either. Laundry, housework, cooking are allowed according to Kylie's strange criteria. But sitting at my computer is strictly forbidden. The little tyrant freaks out.

So for now, we are in the strange phase where I don't initiate much play with her and she sort of wanders about.

Obviously she's going through a phase. But goodness, this chicka can be intense. Doesn't she look more intense?

Still cute as a button though.

I love this little nut. Now excuse me while I go find where I packed my hair conditioner.


Kerry Lynn said...

You're not alone.
I haven't been writing too much lately because I've been so insanely busy but I really need to do some behavior descriptions.
You really need to hear the two of them argue. They get SO mad at the other. I have to get it on film and share. Then just this evening Madison has started with "That's not funny!" Even though no one was laughing or even doing anything around her. EEK! Walking on egg shells.
I'm sure Kylie's current behavior is 90% normal and 10% adjustment to her new home.

RebeccaL-O said...

Hi, I came across your blog pretty randomly (I found it through someone's comment on another blog that I lurk on . . . anyway, you know how it goes). You have a beautiful family, and it is always nice to find another cool 2-mom family! Your daughter is beautiful and just about the same age as my son, I think, (he turned 2 in June). Anyway, your post listing all the things your daughter did today made me tear up, and I think I might just have to copy that idea!


2 Girls, on our own said...

Well I know all of us here in "cyberland" appreciate you taking the time to give us an update! =]

traci said...

Sounds completely normal to me Mom! She's learning about autonomy and manipulation! Just remember to figure out what is ok with you and what isn't or she'll have you all trained before you can blink! LOL I'm lovin' that I still get to see you on the other side of the country!

E. from Pot o' Gold said...

We're going through the same thing with the "I can't" (meaning doesn't want to) here too. Glad to know it's developmentally appropriate.

Stacey said...

oh it's the joys of 2. sometimes they flip out so easily over nothing.

she is still very cute. love that last photo.