Thursday, July 19, 2012

Project Life Week 28

I love how Summery this week's page look. I kept page one just for photos and put the stories of the week on page two. As usual, click on the photo to view the credits.

Week 28 page 1.jpg

Week 28 page 2.jpg

This week our friend and Kylie’s gift angel from Oregon, Kristin B. Collins, sent Kylie the most wonderful gifts of the Calico Critter Hopscotch family and matching Cozy Cottage House along with some scented pencils "Smencils". We were blown away by her generosity.

Tuesday I attended Joy’s first TRX/bootcamp class held at Ed Austin Park. It was a good workout and I especially enjoyed the camaraderie and sharing of recipes. Kale Smoothies were mentioned and were raved upon. Seeing my nauseous and skeptical face, the other bootcamp members pounced and exclaimed all the virtues of this green drink. What do you know? They aren't bad! In fact, it was quite tasty. I can taste a "bit of the green" but hardly at all. The texture didn't freak me out like I thought it would. And it really does pack in some great nutrition. And Kylie drank all of hers!I made my first green smoothie with kale, 1 banana, 1 cup of milk and 1/2 cup of grapes.

On some weekend mornings Kylie and I go to the nearby elementary school. I’ll get a run in on their tiny track while Kylie runs, bikes and plays on the playground. This week, right when we finished, we were soaked in a fast downpour. Kylie, of course, loved it.

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Friday, July 13, 2012

Project Life Week 27

I had such fun making that top right photo of Kylie at the waterslide. The sweet photo card of Kylie and I doing yoga together was also a joy. And then poor Project Life sat around waiting to be finished all week. Finally, it is done. Just in time to start on week 28.

As usual, click on the photo to view the credits.

Project Life Week 27 page 1

Kylie mastered the three waterslides near the pirate ship at Adventure Landing. “Again,” She shouted. “Again, again!” Our brave, funny girl.

Kylie had a different set of homework books this week. She’s excited about the change.

As part of Kylie's reading homework, she is given a word list to memorize. The goal is the correct pronunciation of each word without having to sound it all out. I wish I had kept a list of her first two sets of sight words.

Kylie got a Playmobile Pool Set. You can put water in it and the included figures can float around. She has loved playing with it. It has been worth the splashy clean-up.

Project Life Week 27 page 2

On July 3rd, the country club behind our house puts on an amazing show. We get to see it from our back yard.

Kylie got to play with her first sparklers

This week we read the first five books of the Magic Tree House book series.

One week after replacing our roof, our air conditioning motor started to burn out. We had to replace the entire exterior unit. Fortunately we caught it before it completely failed so we were only without a/c for two hours while the new system was installed. It wasn’t the best timing for our finances yet we are grateful that we were able to cover it.

Swim Lessons with Coach Camille.

Kylie loved getting pink polish on her fingernails and glitter polish on her toenails. I loved how she rested her sweet head against my shoulders.

After Kylie picks her books at the library, she plays with a few of the puzzles. She sweetly plays with them one at a time and shares them with the other children.

And that's it for another week. I have a huge pile of Kylie's artwork to sort through; I keep telling myself that I'll get to it "later". "Later" is usually when the mountain of papers start to fall off the kitchen counter.

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Saturday, July 07, 2012


Kylie has learned a new blessing to give thanks for our meals.

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Project Life Week 26

As usual, click on the photo to view the credits.
Project Life Week 26 page 1.jpg

Karen was in Maryland consulting for a client this week.

Tropical Storm Debby hit Florida this week dumping tons of rain and causing some minor flooding. Thank heavens we got our new week.

Kylie was named Class Ambassador this week. She wore a badge attached by a magnet to her shirt each day. In class, she got to bring the calendar over to the middle of the circle, hold the flag during the pledge and roll all the rugs during circle time. Ms Robin said Kylie took her roll seriously. At home we made a crown out of cupcake liners and crowned her several times. Way to go Ambassador Kylie!

Project Life Week 26 page 2.jpg

Kylie made me a wonderfully goofy hat. She made it from a piece of newspaper with yarn and colored-picture attachments. It was tricky but I dutifully wore it in the house. She loves it when I act goofy for her.

On Thursday, Kylie & I made zucchini muffins. We gave a batch to her summer camp teachers Ms. Robin & Ms. Diane.

Kylie saw the preview for singer Katy Perry’s documentary movie and she heard the song, “Firework”. Every day this week she’s had me play it on the way to school (that’s seven repeats). She’s learned a lot of the words and has been singing the song at the top of her voice all week. And she’s announced that she wants to be a rock star when she grows up.

Kylie has been affected by night terrors. They happen about 1 1/2 to 2 hours after she falls asleep. She wakes up sobbing, sweaty and crying “Oh my gosh” over and over. We hope it is due to her ear infection and that once she recovers, the terrors will stop. It’s unnerving for all of us.

Kylie is learning how to write her name with a lowercase y.

Kylie likes to draw a picture of her digital clock and record what time she wakes up. And most of the time it is between 6:00 – 6:10am.

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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Summer books

Kylie and I have been going to the library once a week this Summer break. Kylie likes to get books on sharks, jellyfish, sea turtles, spiders and dinosaurs. Once we are home, she flips through these books and looks at the pictures as I'm working in the office.

Although we mostly read Junie B. Jones is the mornings and evenings, I make it a point to get some story books from the library too. Here are a few that have tickled my fancy. I wanted to share them with you.

Bats at the Beach
These darling little bats make a nice nighttime story as they play about the beach. There are also "Bats at the Library" and "Bats at the Ballgame" that I'm looking forward to reading.

999 Tadpoles
This book made Kylie laugh out loud each time we've read it. It's about tadpoles moving from a small pond to a larger one.

Ruby The Copycat (Scholastic Bookshelf: Being Yourself)
Kylie's teacher read this book during circle time and Kylie asked me to get it from the library so that she could share it with me.

The Great Big Book of Families

I want to add this fantastic book to our bookshelf. I love its matter-of-fact tone as it states, "Lots of children live with their mommy and daddy but lots of others live with just their daddy or just their mommy. Some live with their grandma and grandpa. Some children have two mommies or two daddies. And some are adopted or live with foster families." Perfect! I also love how they address jobs, clothes, homes, holidays and more. Pick up this great read.

Feel free to share some of your summer books in the comments!