Saturday, October 20, 2012

Project Life Week 39 & 40

This was a simple week--not a lot of pictures or stories. But I'm pleased with how these two pages turned out. As usual, click on the photo to view the credits.

Project Life Week 39 page 1.jpg

I loved all the pictures on this first page--Kylie throwing sand on herself and the swing pictures. And the one of Karen and I was impromptu yet came out so well.

Project Life Week 39 page 2.jpg

Kylie got her first box from Kiwi Craft Crates. The theme was “Farmer’s Market”. She had fun stitching together an apple and a grape and stuffing it with cotton balls. And she loved using fabric crayons and stencils to create her own apron.

Kylie made no-bake pumpkin bites. I took a pictures and included the recipe.

Training for September
Run: 16 runs for 98.76 miles
Bike: 4 rides for5-.2 miles
Swim: 6 swims for 12100 yards (6.87 miles)
Strength: 2 sessions
Walk: one with my friend Sarah

Next Week Granna Visits: Granna will take care of Kylie for the week that Karen & I are in San Francisco. I’ve been pretty busy typing instructions and cleaning house.

The bottom left card was part of the packaging for Kylie’s Kiwi Crate. And the bottom right card is a drawing Kylie made of some birds feeding chicks.

Project Life Week 40 page 1.jpg

For the first week of October Karen and I were in San Francisco. I used just my iPhone, the Instagram app to apply filters and to crop the photos to the 4x4 size, and the PostalPix app to order prints right from my phone. When we got home, my 4x4 pictures were waiting for me. I had so much fun taking these shots and creating these California pages.

Project Life Week 40 page 2.jpg

Project Life Week 40 page 3.jpg

Project Life Week 40 page 4.jpg

Project Life Week 40 page 5.jpg

Project Life Week 40 page 6.jpg