Sunday, December 16, 2012

Project Life Week 48

I was delighted to learn that Kylie's Aunt Amy and her girl cousins all publish pictures online with the Instagram app. I've started following them and they follow me. It's been fun to snap easy iPhone pictures and then tweak and upload them via Instagram where the family can see them and comment. So for this week's Project Life, I decided to tell this week's stories via the Instagram 4x4 size.

Project Life Week 48 page 1
1. Multi-colored soap at the drive thru car wash.
2. LEAP! from Jack Russell park play structure.
3. Shake it baby! Kylie made bell bracelets (and anklets) from this month's Kiwi Crate. Then we had a dance party.
4. Kylie writing in her nature journal in our backyard.
5. Dice math on green tray at school drop off.
6. Frozen peas on sore knees and feet from hard run.
7. I've started braiding Kylie's bangs away from her face.

Project Life Week 48 page 2
Joy is finding a balloon at the park. Unhappiness (picture 3) is when the balloon pops.

I love these friends holding hands that Kylie made at home.

Kylie often repeats her school reading homework. This week, she decided to read "Dick and Jane" out loud to me for fun and extra homework.

Kylie was so tickled when Phoebe sat on her for the first time. Phoebe was drawn to the toasty warm girl inside her sleeping bag laying on the couch.

On Thursday, November 29th, Kylie did all the rungs of the monkey bars by herself for the first time. Way to go Kylie!

Project Life Week 48 page 3
Kylie finished her "red book" this week. She was the third kindergardener to finish in her class.

I love taking pictures of Kylie near the Magical Manatee statue.

Karen was consulting in PA this week. She took some nice Instagram pictures of her travels.

Karen brought Kylie some crocs and some other "trip gifts".

I love this picture Kylie took of our family hug. I love how we are all making the "mmmm" sound together, even Phoebe the cat.

Temperatures have been in the 50's. Cool enough for long sleeves and pants.

We got to meet our neighbor Lily and Sarah's newly adopted cat named Linus.

And that takes care of the month of November! Whew! Thanks for looking.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Project Life Week 46 and 47

While many scrapbookers are posting their December daily pages, I'm still catching up on November. As usual, you can click on the photo to view the credits. Thanks for stopping by and looking!

Project Life Week 46 page 1.jpg

Kylie has quickly grasped how to read “silent e” words like “home, time, huge and cake”. We are so proud of her reading skills.

Flipping fun! When Kylie comes home from school, she likes to do leanbacks, headstands and flips off of Momma. Kylie treats Karen like her personal jungle gym.

Project Life Week 46 page 2.jpg

Kylie plays The Hyena Game during recess at school. She is the Momma Hyena and she picks two friends to be her baby hyenas. The hyena pack circles the perimeter of the playground at a run. Then Kylie selects a target and pounces. (She assures me that she doesn’t actually pounce on anyone and that it is just pretend). She then divvies up the “meat”—giving a leg to one baby and an arm to another. When Kylie told me about this game, I had to work hard to keep my expression neutral and not gasp or laugh. But afterwards, I just cracked up. It’s easy to forget that children can be quite bloodthirsty in their pretend play!

Seriously? “Mommy I need to practice my funny faces. Can you take a picture so I can see if my eyes are crossing?” Life with you is one fun adventure!

On Friday 11/16, I picked Kylie up from school at 11:30 and we started our drive to TN. We drove to Columbia, SC and stayed at our usual room with the pullout bed in the sitting room. Kylie drew a picture of the view and then enjoyed playing in the jacuzzi tub bath.

Project Life Week 47 page 1.jpg

This first page is dedicated to the day we spent with my Dad and Margarita at the Children's Museum.

Project Life Week 47 page 2.jpg
The second page was about the day we took the family to MagiQuest.

Project Life Week 47 Look Rock insert.jpg
I included lots of pictures of our day at Look Rock tower with my Mom.

Project Life Week 47 Thanksgiving insert.jpg
A front and back page of 4x4 Instagram pictures taken on Thanksgiving Day.

And this bit of artwork from Kylie where she writes that she is thankful for her cats and trees and family.