Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Timeout, horses and more

Well I gave Kylie her FIRST time out today. (And no, I didn't take a picture of it. This is a picture from the other day.)

Kylie wasn't following my directions and was therefore naughty and rebellious. Specifically she kept wanting to climb the stairs to visit/disturb Momma Karen who was trying to work when I specifically told her to stay downstairs. I kneeled to Kylie's level and gave her a warning which she ignored. So she got to sit on our bench in the hallway for two minutes. Of course it took around 15-20 minutes for her to get two complete minutes on the bench. She must have slid off that bench making me put her back on it over 50 times. She sobbed and screamed through it all. It wasn't until the last two minutes that I could see that she got the message. She said "sorry" and we had hugs and kisses and then a few innocuous stories.

I knew she didn't feel well because she's still fighting this cold. But I don't regret the time out at all. I think I did okay with it. I kept a stern, serious yet slightly distracted look on my face. But then I would have to turn away and face our sink to keep the laughter at bay. The time-out was needed and yet ridiculous at the same time.

Kylie stayed screamy and fussy for the rest of the day. By 4pm I was wasted. Karen came downstairs, took one look at my blitzed face and swept Kylie out the door for a quick trip. She returned almost an hour later with Kylie's dinner in hand and a Dutch Brothers double mocha freeze for me (my latest addiction). Karen really is an angel.

Let's see.... I have some more, happier firsts to share.

  • Kylie has learned how to get out of bed and amuse herself with toys both before and after her naps.

  • She created this cool coloring book page. It's different from her usual coloring because she identified parts and then colored them. She said,
    "color pants, color knees" and then drew on those areas and then
    "color shoes, color elbows" while drawing on those areas and finally
    "color face, color clouds".
    Obviously, I was impressed enough to scan in the page. It's a little hard to see the crayon marks.

  • And lastly, she got to ride her brand new Radio Flyer horse today. She loves it! She can already climb on by herself. She needs a little help to get down but I doubt that will last long. She learned that saying,"Giddyup horsey!" while rocking really fast will make her Moms smile and laugh.

    She would pat its head, run her fingers through its mane and then give it these whole body hugs.


    Anonymous said...

    It's a tough one, but you should be proud of yourself for seeing it through. As always some gordeous pics of Kylie. Do they make an adult version of the horse?

    2momswithaplan said...

    Congrats on making it through your first time-out together! You did great! And bravo to Karen for giving you a break and your latest addiction!

    Shannon said...

    Great job with the time-out. We`ve been doing time-outs with Erik for a long time, but have just recently started timing them because we think he`s old enough now to understand that concept. Before we would just make him sit in time-out until he was ready to say sorry, but now we`re doing real time-out, setting the timer and putting him back if he gets up. I went through a similar experience the other morning, putting him back over and over again. It is so frustrating but worth it when they finally realize you mean it!

    That rocking horse is awesome! Adorable pictures of Kylie.

    Kerry Lynn said...

    When I've had a frazzled day I get to go to work at the end and get frazzeld phone calls from Chris saying how they're driving him nuts after he's been with them for a whole two hours. Try 10+ of nuts buddy! I really should have married a woman :-)

    Stacey said...

    We had a time out this morning. Actually 2 time outs. Fun fun fun.

    Cute pictures. That horse is awesome!

    Meg said...

    It sounds like the time-out did the trick. Thaya has had a couple, and now just the warning is enough for her to shape up. I even try to use the warning sparingly. I also try to make whatever I'm doing seem relatively appealing during the time out so she feels like she is missing something while she is there. It has helped with the mental side of it.

    She is SO cute on that horse! And her eyes are just amazing in that first pic.

    Thaya also started coloring specific parts of pictures, and I thought it was SO exciting. You've inspired me to rip the page out and keep it with my journal on her.

    Does Kylie have a favorite color yet? Thaya used to be crazy about orange, but now it is all about green green green!