Thursday, March 12, 2009

When Karen is away

When Karen is away on a business trip I...

...misplace the phones in the house and forget to charge them.

...go on cleaning binges. But sometimes, I don't pick up the toys at the end of the day. Many times both things happen on the same day. too much processed food, too much chocolate and drink too much Starbucks.

...take a bath every night even though I shower in the mornings. Hot baths only way I can wind down and get to sleep without her.

...wake up in the night with cold toes.

...don't laugh nearly as much. In addition to completely understanding me, Karen totally entertains me. She keeps me laughing all the time. I love her sense of humor especially the way she quotes movie lines and music lyrics.

When Karen is away Kylie...

...asks about her all the time.

...runs down the hall to her office looking for her several times a day.

...cries when she realizes/remembers that Karen's not home.

...cries and calls for Momma when she wants something I won't give her. She knows that one really gets me.

...hands me the phone and says "talk Momma".

Hurry home safely Karen. We miss you.


Michelle said...

So so sweet. Makes me smile. I miss my husband. He left 1.5 weeks ago for deployment and I swear it feels like 1.5 months. How will I ever make it?

2momswithaplan said...

I just couldn't imagine spending a night without Holly. Hurry home to your wife, Karen! :-) Hang in there... she'll be back soon!

john said...

thats sweet. Love this post. When my partner goes away on business I get to watch all the late night shows because i just cant sleep. Sometimes, shhhhh, i let the kids sleep in my But he doesnt need to know that.

Lynanne said...

Such a poignant post and photos. I smiled at the photos of Karen and Kylie but my heart ached for you at the same time. Hopefully she won't be away long?

Ethan Barry's Momma said...

What a wonderful post. From experience, I can say that Karen is a very loving, warm, special person. I can only imagine how much you both miss her. I can't wait to see her again too.

And, your photographs are amazing. They capture such beauty. Thank you for sharing your art.

Meg said...

Oh Wendy, I can relate. Matt has been going to Texas once a week for the past 5 weeks. That means we don't see him for 2-3 days with the way the flights are. It is *so* hard, and we miss him so much. I hope she hurries home to you soon!


Unknown said...

If it's any consolation Wendy, Cathryne and I so enjoyed our visit with Karen this week. I told her next time to bring you and Kylie and we'd make it a party!


Stef Ryan said...

This post resonated with me. My wife is out of town, and my daughter and I miss her terribly, too. Thanks for putting words to what we're feeling. :)