Sunday, October 11, 2009

Five little things

My jazzy girl is telling someone that she is two.

#1. Kylie has started calling me "Muh-maayyyy". I don't know if it's because she's had a runny nose or if she just likes the sound of it but now I'm no longer Mommy. I'm Mummy.

#2. Pipe cleaner bracelets. Kylie learned how to make a pipe cleaner bracelet in art class this past week.

And she was so happy with it. She put the bracelet on her dolls arms and legs. And her stuffed animals arms and legs. She tried to put it on the cats and when that didn't work, she decided she would just roll around on the floor with glee- like a little puppy or something. I'm telling you-she was one happy kiddo.

So of course, I had to run right out and by her some pipe cleaners and beads.

I've tried to get Kylie interested in lacing cards and beads on a string but she doesn't yet have the dexterity for them. But because the pipe cleaner is firm, she can hold it and thread her beads herself. This craft is a winner!

#3. Footprint ghosts. Meg over at Tea & Brie posted this great little project. You take a painted footprint and turn it into a ghost. Just a fun little Sunday project that wasn't nearly as messy as I had feared it would be.

#4Long-sleeved nightgowns for Fall. Oh she needed some new nightgowns. I didn't realize how worn her others were until I compared them to the new ones. I like Disney Store nightgowns the best.

Before, Kylie liked to take early mornings slow. We would read a few stories and snuggle together and meander a bit. Now Kylie is out of her room like a shot. She has really important things to do, you know. Like feed her Nana Bear a pretend breakfast sandwich.

#5. Pods? Cones? These are falling from the trees in our backyard. Can anyone tell me if they are considered seed pods or some sort of pine cone? Regardless, Kylie loves them.

What five little things are new for you these days?


Dee said...

Great photos. Where will I find your email so we can talk? I am so interested in photo masking, your scrapping, etc.


Mina said...

The pics are lovely. You inspire me to learn more about photography!

bearie1 said...

We used to make Christmas ornaments out of pipe cleaners and the tri beads. My daughter especially liked to make candy canes. Elaine

Wendy and Karen said...

Hi Dee,
Send me an email and I would love the opportunity to share about scrapbooking and masking and such.

E. from Pot o' Gold said...

I love your new blog header.

Teo loves bead bracelets. We use the plastic bracelets you can buy in craft stores, and he puts the beads on, and then they clasp. Unfortunately, he can unclasp them too, so sometimes the beads end up all over the house.

Lynanne said...

So many precious memories and photos! I love reading about all the little things that Kylie is up to :) Have you tried putting jingle bells on the bracelets? (the small kind that can be laced on) They look cheesy but make great musical instruments too. :)

Loralou said...

hehe here is England we all call our mothers Mummy! Perhaps she was English in a past life ;P

Teaberry said...

Awesome pictures--- as always!

I am not 100% certain, but I think those are seed pods. If I saw the tree, or could handle a pod, I might be better able to figure it out... Have you cut one open? Do they have a funny smell or are sticky?