Tuesday, October 27, 2009


This sweet little girl has a strange habit.

She likes to lick the glass on our front door.

And then smear her spit all over the glass with her hands.

She calls it painting. She's a strange little critter. Of course, I'm the strange mommy who takes pictures of it.

But speaking of painting, she did two watercolor paintings last week in art class.

And two watercolor paintings at home. I was tickled at how well she got the process of swishing the paintbrush in the water, dabbing it in the paint and brushing the paper with the color. She is very conscientious about her color choices.

Way to go Kylie!

Here's two recent scrapbook pages:



Teaberry said...

That is so hilarious!!

Ethan Barry's Momma said...

What an oddly cute little habit! lol How funny! Great water color painting. Thanks for sharing.

Bethany said...

LOVE the tongue pick. My little guy (4-27-07) is a licker, too. Or as he says, "I am going to yick that."

CJ said...

Hey, just be glad it's only a window!

Shannon said...

Ha, that's funny. And I feel better because my little guy kisses the wood on our front door. LOL.

2 Girls, on our own said...

After a rough day, this is exactly what we needed to cheer us up =] Thanks for that