Friday, October 09, 2009


YES! We've entered the stage where Kylie can understand the premise of a game. Hurray! I love games and I'm so excited that I get to play them with Kylie.

Here are three that we are currently playing in our house.
Hide and Seek Matching Game.

I bought this beautiful memory game/matching tile set at a specialty toy store in Oregon. We've made up our own game of hide and seek with them. I "hide" one of each of the animals in Kylie's room--on the floor and on her bed as she hides her eyes in the family room and counts to ten. Then I hand her tile and tell her to bring me back the matching one. I encourage her to make the animal sounds of the animal she's looking for. The fun part is that this game is on the run. Kylie runs to down the hall (see picture above) to find the tile and runs back to me. Good exercise and great fun!

Puppy Pals Bingo
I bought this one on sale at Target and we are loving it! There are two-sided bingo cards with pictures of dog houses. The dog houses have polka dots or stripes or such in one color and a tag painted on the door with another shape on it. There are cards with the game. You turn over a card and see if any of your dog houses on your bingo card have either the shape or the color on the card. If so, you get a little puppy dog tile to put on your doghouse. The first person who gets three in a row, wins. Although when we play it, we keep going until Kylie covers the entire board. That way, she wins every time. It takes us less than 10 minutes to play a game. And she usually wants to play it twice in a row.

Hi Ho Cherry O!
I got this one on sale at Target too. This one is still a little advanced for Kylie but we are working on learning it. She mostly wants to put cherries in all the buckets. But she likes flicking the spinner and it's helping her learn her numbers. And she thinks it is fun to say "Hi Ho Cherry O!"

Our last game is "Romp in the Leaves". It's free and it's delightful.

Are you playing games with your little one? Which ones to do like best?

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Soupy said...

LOVE the game ideas- we're really into hide and seek lately (aka hide under the covers but no where else or she gets confused! LOL) so this memory card w/it is a great idea.
I love the pics of her in the leaves, you have SO much fun. I'm so jealous of your days with her *(sigh)*

I have a book rec; "All Of Me" by Molly Bang! You'll love it!