Thursday, July 28, 2011

Games, books, and straws

This is Kylie's new smile-at-the-camera smile and I just love it. It cracks me up. I have two fun new games to share with you.

The first is Tell Tale. There are pictures on these two-sided cards. The way we play it (and there are lots of ways to play) is that each person draws 3 cards. The first person lays down their card and starts a story based on the picture. The second person lays down one of their picture cards and adds to the story. The third adds to the story and so on. Kylie loves stories and she likes creating one as a family.

Tell Tale - Pocket Collection
Tell Tale - Pocket Collection

The second game is Spot It. This one works best with Kylie if just me or Momma play with her. We each draw a card and flip it over. These two cards will have at least one image in common. Whoever spots the matching images first wins.

Spot It
Spot It

This past weekend Kylie was playing in the toy room and asked me to read to her while she played. I stared reading from Molly The Goldfish Fairy (Pet Fairies #6). I've tried to read a chapter book to Kylie before and she wasn't interested. But now she is! I read a few chapters while she played and later, when I asked her about the book, she knew all about the plot. So she was able to listen and follow along while she played. Momma and Kylie finished the book after dinner on Monday night.


You know me. I was so excited to be reading from chapter books that I ran right out and bought some more.

While we were at the toy store picking up the new games, we saw these Quick Milk Magic Straw Chocolate
Quick Milk Magic Straw Chocolate
Kylie thought the straw was cool and yummy. "How is this happening?" she asked with this great expression.

Hope all of you are having a great day!


Stacey said...

Thanks for sharing. I love her expression in that last photo.

Lianne said...

Those straws are great! love it! :)

Kerry Lynn said...

OMG! That was the exact series of chapter books that Maddie picked out from the library. That was probably 6 months ago and she totally wasn't ready to listen. I should try again though. It can be hard with Jackson around though because he's so active and loud!