Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Scrapbook pages

I've made the time to get a few more scrapbook pages done.

I love this picture of Kylie playing with her pinwheel.

It was fun playing with the jungle images on this page documenting a day at Gymboree.

Ah, the story of Kylie's mushed lips!

Blending the large photo with the dot paper was fun on this one.

I'm pretty tickled with how this one came out. I love the colors and page design here.

With these pages I'm wrapping up March 2010 and moving into documenting April 2010. I doubt I'll ever catch up but it's kind of fun to work with pictures of Kylie and her stories from one year ago. You can click on the pictures to view the credits of the scrapbook pages. Thanks for looking!


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Anonymous said...

Hello! I'm considering jumping in to the world of digital scrapbooking. Can you recommend a tutorial to get started? And I'm looking for something so beginner that it covers programs & other things needed to start - not just page ideas. And how expensive of a hobby is it ? :-) Honestly, I'm a bit intimidated by what I see you do, but I'm telling myself that something is better than nothing!
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