Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mid Summer

With one month left until Kylie resumes her classes at her Discovery preschool, Kylie is still enjoying her summer preschool. One of her favorite things is show and tell. So far she's taken her stuffed Nana bear (to represent a gift from a family member), her Tag pen for technology week and a few other things. On July 8th, she was asked to bring something patriotic. I was pretty stumped with that one until I remembered that Kylie has a toy space shuttle. I got really lucky because the NASA Endeavor launch was that day and was a subject during their circle time. Kylie was so proud that she had her shuttle with her!

Here's a picture of the kiddo waving good-bye to me from inside her school.

When I took Kylie to Adventure Landing at the end of April, she played and splashed around yet she just sat in the shallow end of the giant wave pool. When we took her in July, she went running toward the waves and swam her way to the deepest part of the pool (with Karen and I right beside her of course). She kept diving headfirst into the waves and floating with their rocking motion. It was incredible to see the transformation! I'm so very pleased with her swimming progress.

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