Monday, July 20, 2009

Laugh so hard

In an effort to NOT say things in front of Kylie that I shouldn't, I started saying, "mon Dieu". Kylie will whip out that particular phrase at the funniest moments. For example, the other day I was trying to get Kylie cleaned up from going to the potty. She had some toilet paper...ummm....stuck. She exclaimed, "Paper stuck Mommy. Mon Dieu!"

Just yesterday, all three of us were hanging out in the family room. I was laughing because Kylie has started grabbing her leg up high while dancing.

I told Karen that Kylie looked like Will Smith at the start of the end scene of "Hitch" where he's dancing. I proceeded to get up and show her.

Kylie fell out laughing. I've never heard her laugh so hard. So I danced that way some more. Which made everyone laugh harder. We were all crying and holding our bellies from laughing. Such a precious time. Moments like that with Karen and Kylie make me so very happy. I can't even quantify it.

Kylie's recent pirate faces also make me giggle.

We went to visit Munchkin Playground this weekend when the temperatures soared into the mid 90's and it was too hot for the playground. Kylie loves that place. There was a younger boy playing there too. Kylie was in one of her hoarder moods where she wanted to hide all the toys. She went to the boy and smiled winningly at him. "I love you boy" she said and then snatched the toy out of his hand. Of course I asked her to give it back and she did. She put all the toys back like a good girl. But she alternated between saying, "I love you boy" and "Go away. Be quiet" to him. Hmmm....a sign of things to come?

Here's a few more pictures from the weekend:

Here she is shouting, "I love you sun!"

My favorite.


Ethan Barry's Momma said...

Ah...To be a fly on the wall when you were dancing! :) You are too funny, Wendy. It sounds like all three of you have a really great time just being it should be for a wonderful family like yours.

P.S. I love the last photo too. :)

2momswithaplan said...

LOL... that's funny! I just love it when children start to repeat things! Monkey see, monkey do!

Laurie said...

Your blog always brightens my day... I love seeing Kylie's adventures!

Soupy said...

Oh that face! I could kiss her! The dancing made ME LOL - our girl has started lifting her knee like the Karate Kid in attempts to "kick" while dancing- love they way they work things out. And the story about Love you boy and mine, etc., made me LOL as well! LOVE THE STORIES!