Thursday, November 19, 2009


Kylie recently watched an episode of Ni Hao, Kai-Lan where the characters acted in a play. One of the characters was a pretend superhero who could jump really high. He had a cape and said, "I'm a superhero" over and over. Since watching the show, Kylie has been saying she has superhero powers. This is her cape and it makes her run really fast.

It seems like every time I think we have the potty training thing in the bag, something new pops up. The latest is two-fold: screaming bloody murder when she has to leave the park or backyard or someplace fun to go to the potty. It's quite embarrassing when people look at me as if I'm pinching Kylie or something similar to make her scream so loudly as I'm walking/carrying her to the restroom. The other fun thing is that when I leave her downstairs in the house for just a minute to go make her lunch or a snack and she cries, "Potty" and by the time I run back downstairs she's peed on herself and looks angrily at me as if to say, "You made me do this. You weren't there for me." Yeesh.

Two days ago, when we had a particularly trying morning, I went to get Kylie from her nap. I opened the door to her room, she walked across it and said, "Hug Mommy." I picked her up, hugged her and she held my face and said, "I want you to be happy Mommy." I said, "That's sweet darling, thank you" but inside I was thinking, "Then stop acting like a two-year old every freakin' second!" But you see, toddlers know when they've pushed you a little too far. And they do something sweet like that to rein you back in.

She's a smart one. Cute too.



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JĂșlia said...

Hi Wendy Karen and Kylie!
My name is Julia, I'm 16 and I live in Barcelona, Spain, so sorry about my poor english!
I have looked this blog since 3 or 4 month ago and I think that Kylie is so cute!
Well, I'm writing you to ask for information about how do you do to put pictures in the title of the blog, because I don't know it... Thank you for your attention! Lots of love, Julia.

CJ said...

Cute AND Smart...the double threat!!! She has good role models that let her explore and find her niches....she's a lucky little girl!

Soupy said...

it seems as though our girls are going thru phases around the same time- which is awesome. I forgot to comment a few weeks back- K is super into names "what's your name? What's daddy's name? " etc,and pretends (or thinks) she is writing it/spelling it out on paper.
The past few weeks have been superhero "Superman!" w/her towels flying behind her naked bum around the house! LOL

Unknown said...

The photo of Kylie with her Fisher Price camera is absolutely adorable!

M said...

As per usual, your pictures are stunning. Kylie is such a cute kid, and you guys sound like wonderful parents. I'm glad I found such a positive blog as I go down the ttc road.

Kira said...

This post fits perfect with the books I think Kylie would love....

Superhero Me!
By Karen Katz

Emma and Meesha my boy
by Kaitlyn Considine
Illustrated by Binny Hobbs

Boo Hoo Bird by Jeremy Tankard

Bedtime kiss for little fish by Lorie Ann Grover

Karate Pig By Alan Katz

Please enjoy! I wish your family a wonderful upcoming thanksgiving!!!

Anonymous said...
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