Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Fireworks and artwork

We are lucky to live near a country club that has a very good fireworks display. This year, we woke Kylie up so that she could enjoy them too. I was bit worried that she would be a bit scared but she loved her first fireworks. They made such an impression that she's wanted to draw them each day since.



She also colored this picture of the Statue of Liberty during school. Kylie told me she worked very hard on it.

Kylie has also started drawing clowns and swimming pools. On this clown picture, Kylie flipped the picture over and drew the clown's back which I thought was quite clever.

And it's no wonder that she's started drawing pools because she wants to swim in the pool everyday!


Laurie said...

Beautiful artwork Kylie!!

Kerry Lynn said...

Her drawings are really advanced! But then again she's in school a lot more than Madison and Jackson. Sadly we really don't do much coloring since we're hardly ever home.

missi said...

Wow....her work is good very good!