Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Kylie's celebration of life ceremony at school

This morning, Kylie's official birthday, we celebrated Kylie's birthday at school.

Once the children came into their classroom and got settled, one of their teachers read them a story. Kylie couldn't help from mugging for the camera. And on the right side of the photo, you can see where Karen and I were preparing juice boxes and plating up the treats we brought to share.

And then it was time for Kylie's celebration. I'm not sure if all Montessori classes use this specific activity but it was the same one we had last year. A lit candle is placed in the middle of the circle and this represents the sun. There are months of the year written and placed in the circle. Kylie held a globe of the Earth. The teacher explains how a year passes as the Earth orbits the sun.

The teacher would hold up a picture of Kylie and Karen would read what happened in Kylie's life for that year. Then Kylie would walk around the circle and the children would chant the months of the year until Kylie returned to April. Kylie made 5 laps around the circle.

At the end, the children all sang "Happy Birthday" to Kylie.

We had rice krispie treats and apple juice boxes for the children. I was so tickled when Kylie changed her mind from her first choice of blueberry muffins with cream cheese icing to Rice Krispie treats. She helped me make the treats on Sunday night and was tickled how the marshmallows melted into a consistency like glue. Kylie picked out the "Max and Ruby" plates, napkins and cupcake rings.

Kylie and I spent several hours deciding which photos she wanted to represent her at different years. She took the choosing process very seriously. She was delighted with her photos taped up onto the classroom doors.

Kylie was so happy during her Celebration of Life ceremony. Karen and I beamed with happiness with her.

This is the written history that Karen read:
Kylie was born in Portland, Oregon on Tuesday, April 17th 2007. She weighed 7 pounds, 12 ounces. She was a happy, healthy baby. She learned to eat baby food and started playing at Gymboree. She took her first plane ride to visit her family in Tennessee when she was six months old. Her first words were “mama, bye-bye and baby”. This year Kylie learned to sit up, crawl, stand, walk, give hugs and kisses, play with her toys and turn pages in her books.

This year Kylie learned to clap, wave, point, finger paint, draw, swing and twirl in a circle. She learned how to gently pet her two cats. She learned to use a fork and spoon and drink from a sippy cup instead of a bottle. She learned over 100 words. She learned to count to ten. Kylie started swimming lessons. Her favorite things were her nature walks where she loved to pick up rocks and leaves and playing with her dolls.

Kylie learned to climb stairs, kick and throw balls, go down slides, and ride a tricycle. She learned how to set the table, brush her teeth and use the potty. She loved her music, art and Gymboree classes. She had her first haircut, first trip to the zoo and her first carousel ride. “Little Einsteins” was her favorite tv show and “The Little Mermaid” was her favorite movie. Kylie and her family moved from Portland, Oregon to Burke, Virginia where Kylie experienced her first week-long blizzard.

Kylie and her family moved from Burke, Virginia to Atlantic Beach, Florida. Kylie started preschool at Discovery. She learned her ABCs, how to count, and how to use scissors. Kylie learned to hop, skip, do forward rolls, slide down a fireman’s pole, ride a bike and run really fast. She had her first trip to the dentist, her first horseback ride and her first trip to Sea World and Disney World.

She loves to skip and do headstands. She loves to play on playgrounds, swim at the pool and play at the beach. She knows her numbers to 100 and can count to 100 in tens, fives and twos. She is learning addition and how to read. She loves all kinds of art projects. She rode her first roller coaster named “Blazing Fury” at Dollywood last week.


H2 said...

Super cute. What a great learning experience they've fostered in your school.

Anonymous said...

I found your blog via The Mom Creative and I absolutely love it! I've only made it a few pages in but I can't get enough of your story. Your PL spreads are AMAZING and I'm so envious of them (what is the cursive-y, flow-y font you use?). And when I read this post and learned that your daughter was born in Portland, OR I knew I had to comment :)

I moved to Portland when I was 8 and lived there until I was 19. At 19 I moved to Alexandria, VA and now live in Manassas. When I saw you briefly lived in Burke I was even more surprised. I drive through Burke every day on my way to work -- such a small world!

Anyway, love the blog, the PL posts, the story of YOU!