Thursday, April 19, 2012

Last cupcakes

On Tuesday afternoon, we had Kylie's last birthday celebration.

We had held one present--this Puss in Boots costume-- for Kylie to open on her actual birthday. She loved it!

She and I had to duel with her foam sword for quite a while. Somehow dueling turned into wrestling and jumping onto Mommy.

Kylie's is getting really good at hitting my ticklish points. But right now, I can usually flip her and "win". Not sure how much longer she and I will be able to do this. Kylie is getting really big and strong!

We had our neighbor and friend Lily over after school for cupcakes.

And yes, I devoured that delicious chocolate cupcake that is sitting next to Kylie. It was wonderful!

Kylie's birthday season is at a close. Can I please go rest now?


Nada said...

Happy Birthday Kylie! Time goes so fast doesn't it? It looks like you all had a wonderful time celebrating.

Teaberry said...

There aren't many out there who are cuter than Puss N' Boots, but I think Kylie surely is!