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Project Life 2013 Weeks 1 & 2

I'm pleased to start another year of Project Life Scrapbooking. Project Life is a simple approach to memory keeping. If you would like more information on the process, you can click here. I post all my Project Life Album pictures onto my Flickr album. If you click on a picture, it will take you to Flickr where you can view the credits.

Week One, Page One is a simple title page with photos of us taken before the start of the year.

Page Two has the goings on of the week.

We've noticed a big leap in Kylie's desire to read and her reading comprehension. She read this "Junie B Jones Survival Guide to School" book twice!

The small far left pocket is a summary sheet from our babysitter when she sat for us on 1/1.

Karen & I got a babysitter for New Years Day afternoon and we went to the movies. We took our picture in front of the Hobbit sign in the theater. I love that I have a place to keep movie stubs in our Project Life Scrapbook.

Our neighborhood raccoon paid us another visit on Friday morning. He was busily eating birdseed that had fallen to the ground at 7am. It really is a jungle out there in our Florida backyard.

I am sad that I'm injured and am going to miss the Disney Marathon but my motto has been "KPO" for "Keep Pressing On". I'm trying to keep it all in perspective and I cant be too sad when my Kylie is so happy.

I loved this piece of art Kylie made with markers. She titled it "Heart Explosion". I stored it in a simple letter-sized sheet protector and tucked it behind the two previous pages.

Many times I'll glue a piece of Kylie's artwork to a 12x12 piece of cardstock. I have a rubber stamp to create the journaling lines that you see in the upper left corner. Then I put the artwork in a 12x12 sheet protector. Since I use a front page-back page method for my PL Week pages (instead of a left page-right page) I like how her artwork separates the weeks.

I don't remember what this story was about- other than it had a toaster pastry in it (see block 5). But I simply love how Kylie is creating storyboards.

Great picture of our cat Phoebe.

Week 2 in our PL scrapbook was all about Grandpa's visit. But I did want to document Kylie's visit to Bolles School on Monday, January 7th. I put the reminder the school mailed to us along a picture of Kylie holding the Bolles bear that I took at the end of her visit in a separate 4x6 page protector. On the back of the picture, I inserted a journaling card where I jotted down these notes about her visit.

Kylie was nervous the morning she visited Bolles school but she was all smiles when I picked her up. She was tickled that they gave her this bear with a Bolles sweater. She liked feeling special when she was tested by one of the teachers. They tested her on listening and reading comprehension and some math. She switched classrooms and got to experience both kindergarten teachers. She did some journal writing on zoos and colored four “s” words in a four-square worksheet. And she made a penguin out of construction paper. There was another applicant, a girl named Leslie, attending today and she and Kylie got along. Kylie also recognized a girl named Katherine from Flavia’s aftercare who she saw on the playground. All in all, it was a good visit. Now we wait and see if Kylie has been accepted to the school for next year’s term.

The start of the week was fairly uneventful. Karen was consulting in Pittsburg and I was at home focusing on healing from my groin injury. I went to the chiropractor three times over the course of the week. We bought a twin mattress in anticipation of Grandpa’s visit and for future family stays. On Monday, Kylie had her Bolles School visit. Grandpa and Karen flew in on Thursday afternoon. We had Kylie’s school breakfast on Friday. On Saturday, we tried letterboxing and went to MOSH. On Sunday, we had a successful letterbox trip and went to the beach.

The children’s Father’s Day Breakfast was held in the classroom. Kylie gave Grandpa a footprint bookmark. She showed him around her classroom. He got to review her workbooks. And he got to see her work on sentence matching. I’m so glad Dad was here to enjoy this special day.

Page 2 documented our visit to the Museum of Science and History and our Letterbox adventure.

William Webb Farmhouse in Mandarin FL Sunday 1/13/13. The box was hidden off the backporch. There was supposed to be another box near the chicken coop but it was missing. There was a beautiful pier behind the home. It was a good letterboxing day!

Behind week two's pages, I included this simple page protector to hold 6 pictures of Kylie and Grandpa playing at the beach together.

So that's it for Weeks One and Two!

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