Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Kylie's classroom

I thought you might like to see inside Kylie's classroom. On the morning of Friday, August 16th, we had a "meet the teacher" event at the school where we dropped off Kylie's school supplies.

This is the entry.

Kylie gets to wear a backpack to carry her homework and lunch. The children have wooden cubbies outside the classroom to store their belongings. Kylie's cubby is the first on the left of the classroom door.

This is Kylie's teacher Ms. Lenhart. Several of her previous years' students stopped by to tell her about their summers. Karen and I took this as a good sign.

There are 16 students in Ms. Lenhart's class. 8 boys and 8 girls. You can see that there are four groups of tables made up of four desks. Kylie's desk is at the table closest to Ms. Lenhart. Kylie got the far left desk which is fortunate because she is left handed.
There is an opening under the desk for a little box that holds pencils, glue stick and crayons along with Kylie's daily journal.

Kylie gets to visit the school library on Mondays but I love how many books there are in the classroom. There is an hour of reading time scheduled for every school day. I also love how Kylie has a view of the outdoors from her classroom.

Sweet little nook.

Kylie has an hour of technology once a week. This computer lab is next to her classroom.

Kylie was very impressed with her gift of Smarties from her teacher!


westmetromommy said...

That is quite the classroom! It's nice that the class size is so small. I'm sure Kylie will have a great year!

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