Monday, August 11, 2008

New Words and more

Kylie has made a big leap on her words this month.

Here's a quick review:
6 months: Momma
11 months: baby, hey, up, yea & bye
12 months: kitty (sounds like key)
14 months: banana
15 months: no, hi, belly button (beh-buh)

And this month, she's added: shoe, spoon (sounds like poo), ball, truck, dot, water (wa-wa), Bo (for her Gymbo doll) and "hoo-hoo" when she sees an owl.

It's just amazing!

And she might be trying to say "bling" which is kind of embarrassing. And of course, there is a story behind this. Kylie likes to play with children's headbands. I got her these back in the Spring and she just loves them. She's stretched them out tremendously but that just makes them more fun.
She puts them on her neck like a necklace:

And walks around with them. (don't worry; she always supervised with them).

And does other odd, assorted things with them.

Anyway, Karen and I somehow got started calling them "bling". I guess because she's so enamored of wearing them like necklaces or bracelets. So just the other day, she picked one up and clearly said "bing". Heaven help me! That's going to be fun to explain. I can hear it now, "Yes, one of Kylie's first 20 words was bling".

In other news, she's finally getting over the summer cold she had last week. She got soooo sick of us wiping her nose. In order to make it more fun, I started handing her a tissue and saying, "Can you wipe Mommy's nose?" And she would grab the tissue and rub it on my face. Then would say, "Can I wipe Kylie's nose?" and she would let me without too much of a struggle. And she'll grab the tissue and wipe her own nose. Plus, she's learning to blow when we ask her.

I also use the above technique in brushing Kylie's teeth. Kylie used to brush pretty well but lately she's just been sucking on the toothbrush and not really brushing anymore. So, I have an extra adult toothbrush that I hand to Kylie when she's in the bath. I'll ask her to brush my teeth. Then I'll present her toddler toothbrush and ask if I can brush her teeth. And we go back and forth. Then I hand her back her own toothbrush and ask her to finish brushing her own teeth. It's working pretty well.

Another change we've seen this month is that she really wants to help with her bathtime routine. When her bath is over, she wants to hand me the bath toys for me to put away. She wants to help dry her body and her hair with a towel. She grabs either her comb or brush to help brush her hair. And she wants a dot of lotion on her hands to rub into her legs. She's such a sweetie.

Here's a few more photos from the other day. Karen is distracting Kylie while I prepare the baby's dinner.

And when the fussy baby wants her dinner now, you've got to get creative.

Lastly, here are two scrapbook pages I completed over the weekend:

Details are here.

Details are here.


Anonymous said...

Cute pictures, as always! I can't believe how big she's getting.
Time flies, doesn't it?!!?
She's doing great with the words. And I love the Bling!

Ethan Barry's Momma said... much wonderful information. Kylie is doing great with her words, and she also sounds very cooperative with the things you want her to do. Pray that the word, "NO", stays out of her vocabulary as long as possible. Then it gets really interesting. :)

Stacey said...

getting so big! and as cute as ever. :) bling story is hilarious.