Thursday, July 23, 2009

Almost there

In the weeks before Kylie was born, I remember thinking that I should enjoy the last days of just Karen and I. But all I really wanted was to start the next phase of my life. To have my sweet baby in my arms. Because Kylie was already with me; she just wasn't born yet.

I feel that way again. I feel as if I should be soaking in these last days in Portland Oregon. A state I have so dearly and passionately loved. I can't begin to express how much I have loved living here. But it also feels like I'm already a Virginian; I just haven't moved yet.

The house is all packed except for Kylie's things. We've kept all of her stuff out and available in order to keep a low impact on her. Karen will pack Kylie's stuff on Saturday as Kylie and I fly to Tennessee to be with family.

The house is all packed except for my computer. I've got to do that last backup before I put the Mac away for over a week.

The house is all packed except for saying those last good-byes. I'm ready. Let's go please.

Karen grabbed the camera during a little romp with me and Kylie. Kylie was climbing my back and climbing the wall. There was a huge amount of light pouring through our family room. These pictures are straight out of the camera. I love them just like this.


Laurie said...

Oh, I will miss your updates while your computer is packed away! I hope the various steps of this move go smoothly for the three of you.

PS- That last picture is precious.

Lori said...

LOVE that last photo--how precious! Sending you all good thoughts for a great travel experience and an easy settling in to your new home! Lori

Kate said...

Hope the move is easy for all of you!

Did you sell the house? Maybe I missed an update.

Very exciting time in your lives. Enjoy every moment.

Ethan Barry's Momma said...

Waiting truly is the hardest part. I wish you a safe and easy move as you start your new lives in Virginia.

Great pictures. They are precious, and it's nice to see you in them for a change. As the primary picture taker, I experience the same thing. :)

I'll miss my daily blog fix from you as you unpack. I'll anxiously be awaiting your first blog post from VA.

Love and Good Wishes to you all.

Teaberry said...

hello-- you commented on my blog a while ago, and I just read through to see that you're moving to Fairfax County! We live here in Fairfax County!!! I know you probably don't want to say exactly where you'll be living in FFX, but if you comment on my blog, I can probably send you an email and we could shoot the breeze, as new neighbors and all!

Welcome to the neighborhood! Let's be friends! :)

Mina said...

Good luck on the move! Love the photos!

Stacey said...

good luck with the move. we found it went really well with riley so i'm sure kylie will adjust just as well. :)

... Ally and Sarah... said...

sounds like a new adventure is about to begin, Good luck! I really like your photos all the time, what kind of camera do you use to capture such great moments?

Caroline said...

Thinking of you guys and hoping the move went well. Can't wait to hear all about your new town.

CJ said...

Those are great pictures! Good luck with your move!

2 Girls, on our own said...

Come back to us! Can't wait to hear about the new home and how everyone is adjusting!

Teaberry said...

How was your move? Need any directions or restaurant suggestions? I'm still curious if we're possibly in the same part of the county.

Best of luck getting settled! Let us know if you need any explanations about the area-- except we also don't know why the same street will change its name 400 times as you're driving on it. That seems to really confuse newcomers and old timers alike!


kristi said...

I love these...great shots!