Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pink lady, swim class and potty progress

I'll start this post with a "pink lady" picture of Kylie.

Reminds me of Grease and Grease 2:

Doesn't Kylie just scream "pink lady" in that picture? I can't decide if she looks more like Stephanie or Frenchie. But now I'm making myself feel old.

Today, Kylie had her weekly swim class. And let me tell you...she is doing awesome. Back in April, when we first started this swim class, Kylie would sometimes cry or resist some of the activities.

But now she participates joyfully and never cries. In the thirty minute class, she
  • goes under the water and back up 10 or more times.
  • She can stay under 4 seconds and is completely relaxed both under the water and when she submerges.
  • She's progressed from a cheek-to-cheek backfloat to a backfloat where I'm supporting her away from my body and holding her shoulder blades.
  • And today she kept her swim goggles on for the entire class.
    Mostly, she just loves swim class. She eats like a horse after class and I can count on a lovely 2 hour nap afterwards.

    The class lessons have also filtered into her life at home. When she's washing her hands in the sink, she plays with a toy crocodile. She says, "Ready, Go!" to her crocodile before she submerges him. And then she says, "Back to the wall, back to safety" which is a mantra we use all the time in swim class.

    When she plays in the bathtub she has her Bathtub Barbie do sit dives, jump in and u-turns. She says, "Elbow, elbow, belly, knee, knee" all the time (which is what we say to kiddos as we help them get themselves out of the water to sit on the side of the pool.)

    With regards to potty progress, I'm really pleased. However, Kylie is (excuse me here) an outdoor pooper or a sleeper pooper. I swear that kid will wait until she's playing outside (with a pull-up diaper) before she will go. It doesn't matter what time of day we play outside. That's when she goes. Do you think it's the fresh air, the running around, the chirping birds? Who knows? But it seems that we will be at the playground for five minutes or less before I'm walking her back to the car for a diaper change.

    She wears underpants when she is at home. She wears a pull-up diaper when we go somewhere. But she's really good about going to the potty when we are at the store or Gymboree or various places.

    I've stopped counting how many times she goes to the potty each day. But all in all, she goes through about 3 diapers a day. One is for her nap (half the time it is dry when I go to her. She's great about going to the potty after her nap and then putting on her underpants on for the afternoon). One is her pull-up if we go somewhere. And one is for nighttime. The rest of the time, my big girl is using the potty.

    About every other day, she'll remember, "Hey. I used to get stickers for going to the potty." She'll ask for some stickers and then make up for all the times she went and didn't want a sticker. So her arms look like this:

    Here's one more recent picture to finish up this post.

    2momswithaplan said...

    She is getting to be such a big girl! Way to go Kylie on your swimming skills!!

    Ethan Barry's Momma said...

    I absolutely love the "Pink Lady" picture. Kylie is too cute. Pink might be her "signature" color. :)

    It sounds like swimming is going really well. I really want to start Ethan this winter or next spring. The problem is...I'm not really a fan of the water myself. I guess I better get over it or find a "surrogate" for swim class. :)

    I can relate to you on the whole pooping mystery. It's a hard thing to figure out. For us, it's a matter of every time that Ethan poops, he also pees...so the mess can never be contained to one "side", if you will. He is making great strides in telling us when he has to go and in going by himself though. He wears underwear all the time except for nap at school and for nighttime, and some days he doesn't have any accidents at all. Of course, he is quite a bit older than Kylie. I commend your efforts. It sounds like she's doing an awesome job and it's only a matter of time before she "puts it all together".

    ohchicken said...

    hiya ladies. this comment is a complete non-sequitur, and i apologize for that. i can't find your email address! i came across this post today and i was wondering if you could spread the word locally? (i'm pinging everyone i know in the oregon area.)

    thank you so much. i can't believe how big kylie is. she is gorgeous.

    ko said...

    She is SOOO CUTE! You take beautiful pictures of your daughter!

    SO funny when you said she reminded you of a PINK lady from Grease! ha! I LOVED GREASE 1 and 2! :)