Saturday, July 11, 2009


As of today, we are 13 days from our move. Here's our plan: Kylie and I will fly to TN. Karen's brother Teddy will fly from TN to Portland. He is kind enough to drive a big,ole uhaul truck across the country filled to the brim with all our stuff. Karen will accompany him by driving our car across the country. 2900 miles folks! I'll meet them in VA after dropping Kylie off with her Nanny & Grandpa in TN. Then we'll unpack, go get Kylie and bring her to Virginia. Whew!

We really need to sell our Portland home so please keep praying for us.

This morning, I was able to knit an entire row on my blanket while Kylie was playing next to me. A milestone! I've been really looking forward to this day. Before now, she's not tolerated it or I've been on-the-go after her, keeping her out of trouble. But I was able to sit and knit and talk with her. Awesome!

Of course it might have helped that Kylie had some new furniture to play with. We moved our tv stand into the family room. I'm trying to sell the stand on Craigslist. But Kylie has had a field day filling it with every bit of her toy food. She loves to prepare "snacks" for us and her toys.

We were worried that Kylie was coming down with a cold. But now we are pretty sure that she has a runny nose and fever due to a molar tooth coming in.

As a rule, I take my picture-of-the-day of Kylie sometime before 4:00. But my collection wouldn't be complete without some early evening shots. Here is Kylie unwinding before her bath. She completely relaxes in her Momma Karen's arms.

Getting dry after her bath. Her nose is a little puffy because she had to cry just a bit when she had to get out of the tub. A sure sign that she's ready for bed are the nighttime tears. Doesn't she look cute all tucked in her big towel?

And here are a few more recent shots:


Ethan Barry's Momma said...

Wow...What an intensely, crazy, genius moving plan! Thank goodness that your family is so willing to help out. Thank goodness that Teddy and Karen don't mind the big drive that they will have.

So, it sounds like you will be selling your house empty. I'm sure it won't matter for you since your home is so beautiful. Heck that might help my home sell as opposed to having two slobs living there with all of their dime store crud. Ah, in a perfect world all of our wishes would come true.

Thanks for sharing so many pictures. They are all beautiful, and I love the stories that they have to tell.

f said...

Whew! I'm exhausted just reading about it ;-) But it sounds like a great plan. And good job leaving Kylie to have fun for a few days while you get most of the unpacking done - it'll be easier on everyone. And Wendy - that B&W shot with her on the right side of the frame -- that is JUST STUNNING. Please tell me you'll print that one and get it framed nicely. Good luck with the next two weeks!