Thursday, July 02, 2009

Thanks, a question and Kylie stuff

WOW! Thanks to everyone who posted a comment about our move. I'll admit that I waver between feeling excited and feeling anxious and overwhelmed about moving to VA. "Announcing" it on the blog made the move news very real. For the past two days, every time I started to get shaky about it, up would pop another blog comment from you. You support me more than you know, so thank you.

Question: I have 10 or more Melissa & Doug puzzles like the one pictured below. Back in the Winter, Kylie stopped showing any interest in them. I put them away for a while. In April, I pulled them back out but she ignored them. So my question is: "Should I hold on to these puzzles because she may get interested in them again or let them go because she's grown past them?" Developmentally, I just don't know what to expect. I'm leaning towards selling them or giving them away. What do you think?

One of Kylie's new things is to reach over an pat my arm and ask, "You okay Mommy?". Kids are so intuitive. She was all about the hugs yesterday. Hugging me and hugging her stuffed animals.

Her other new thing is to ask 20+ times a day, "How you doin?". I'll say, "I'm doing great Kylie. How are you doin'?" and she'll say, "I'm great too".

She's playing with phrases like, "I'm too big. I'm too little. It's too hot. It's too cold." But she purposefully mixes them up. I'll say something like: "Kylie, do you want some raisins". She'll reply with, "I'm too little Mommy." And then she'll just smirk/smile at me as if to say, "Let's see what you make of that!"

She's likes to play the "favorite" game.
I'll say, "Kylie, what is your favorite color?"
She'll reply, "Green!"
I'll ask, "What's your favorite letter?"
She consistently says, "M!"
Then she'll hold up one tiny finger and say, "My one favorite thing is....(she'll pause for effect letting me think she'll say Mommy or Momma) and then say, "Little Einsteins" and then laugh. This cracks her up every time.

You might remember that Kylie was nervous about bugs. I saw this Match-a-Bug kit and had to get it. It's been a big hit. Kylie and I have enjoyed putting these big, plastic bugs on the windowsills and on this matching board. I like that she can really study and handle the bug replicas. As an added benefit, she's not been freaked out about bugs. Hurray!

Here are a few more pictures of the munchkin.
She colored this crown herself. From this coloring book.


f said...

I've been on vacation and just got caught up to speed. WOW! Such a big cross-country move. We're in Durham, NC but my partner grew up just outside of DC in the Northern Virginia suburbs. You'll definitely find your niche there eventually, even if leaving Portland is just super duper hard. But the other plus is that both of your families will be in the same time zone, right? And flights will be easier?

We're in the midst of a big move too - my biggest advice is to Get Rid Of Crap! Do you really want to package it up (takes longer than you think), box it up, pay someone to drive it across the country, unpack it, unwrap it, find a new home for it? If the answer is NO, then just get rid of it. Chances are you won't miss it! And if you miss that ONE thing you threw out, you're more than likely to be able to buy it. The time and energy that it takes to get rid of so much stuff is worth it in comparison to moving it!

Good luck with all of the logistics in the next few weeks!
- f (longtime blog / flickr friend :-)

Laurie said...

That bug game seems perfect! I love the last picture. I can remember lining up my toys everywhere when I was little :)

Unknown said...

Awww I am so going to miss Kylie's window sill. I have so enjoyed looking at what she places there. NEW HOUSE REQUIREMENT...a KYLIE WINDOW SILL!
Gosh I hate change and dang if the thought of you girls moving does make me a little sad. Then I think hey all the things Kylie will get to see and do around DC... WOW here's to the awesome pictures.

Anonymous said...

it sounds like her language is really coming along great. you're doing a great job with her, both of you. good luck with the move. sounds like an exciting place to live.

Audrey said...

Good luck on the move. We lived in Arlington, Va and loved it there. Fairfax County is a wonderful place. You'll definitely have need of your knitted sweaters etc. Will be thinking of you all and wishing you every success in the new location.

ajs4ever said...

WOW! Congrats on the big move! Have you had any bites on your house- it sure is beautiful!!! I hope the move is smooth and that you enjoy VA! Keep us posted:)

Stacey said...

adorable pictures of your sweet little girl. love the "my one favourite thing is..." too funny.

that's great that she's not spooked by bugs. riley is afraid of all bugs, even flies.

good luck with the move! i'm sure it'll all work for the best. you do have a gorgeous home and i'm sure it'll sell quickly!

Anonymous said...

about the puzzles...

I would say give them away. If you rotated them in after a time of being "out of site, out of mind", I think she has grown past them. Better to rotate in toys that are more developmentally appropriate.

To put it in perspective, Thaya has been over the puzzles for awhile, but Brie is now into them (10 months) so we have them out again. it has sparked Thaya's interest, but only because Brie is interested.

Nicole Elizabeth said...

Hi Wendy and Karen... moveing to Virginia sounds like real fun. There is a wealth of stuff to do in the Fairfax area, as I have family down that way, and I agree with everyone else... it's a great place to raise a kid. I know moveing is rough, but you'll all do gret there and best wishes to KAren and her new job. I also like all the new pictures... you both are great with taking pictures and I enjoy reading about your family too. Take care...

Kerry Lynn said...

Oh my lord that last photo is awesome! It's just perfect in every way.