Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Bug nightmare and more

The plans for our move are coming together. Yet it seems the more we book and arrange for things, the more questions arise. We're all just pushing on the best we can.

There's nothing like a little reality check to put things in perspective. Last night, I was sitting at my computer downstairs and Karen was sitting at hers upstairs when we heard Kylie cry out. "Mommy! Momma!" she yelled. We both ran to her room in a flash. "Bug! Get it off!" she was saying through her tears when we got to her. There wasn't a bug. Just a toddler nightmare.

We made a Kylie sandwich, Karen holding her and me wrapping my arms around both of them as we whispered and stroked her to calm her. We all stood there and rocked together for a moment and then we felt the tension leave her body. In those few heartbeats, all that existed was us. And I was reminded that all that matters is our family. Not where we live or how we get there. Just us. It was a good reminder.

Here's a few pictures.
She had something sticky on her fingers. We had swim class yesterday so Kylie has the after-swim class look to her hair. I just had her hair cut a bit ago but dang if those bangs aren't almost to her eyes again.

She's dancing around the family room. I've got to get a video of her dancing. It is so free-form and fabulous.

This is an every day occurrence. Kylie sits in her toychest calling it a bathtub. She takes off her socks and throws them over the side of her "tub". Then she either pretends to wash my hands or her stuffed animals. I also like this picture because you can see all the toys scattered all over the floor--another daily occurrence.

And this one is sweet because all folded up into her squat, Kylie looks almost as small as that little toy bus.

Here's the scrapbook page I finished last night.
Second birthday


Hi! I'm Johanna said...

I found your blog by accident and I find myself coming back. You are so creative...I love the photos of your beautiful daughter and your scrapbook pages. You have inspired me to start a scrapbook for my two boys. Thank you!

Ethan Barry's Momma said...

Moving is trying at best. I never thought I would get through all of the lingering details, but I did and you will too.

I'm glad that you were able to soothe Kylie so easily after her nightmare. They can be as scary for the parents as they are for the kiddo. Ethan had night terrors for quite a while, and I found them to be really disconcerting. Thankfully, now they are few and far between.

I love all of the pictures. It's like getting a glimpse into Kylie's wonderful world. Thank you!