Saturday, July 29, 2006

Leaving for San Antonio

Tomorrow I leave for San Antonio on a business trip. It'll be my first trip in a month! This is the longest single stretch I've had off the road in 2 years. And now, I'm having a hard time getting prepared to head back out. It'd be hard under normal circumstances, but we're on ovulation watch and our first insemination attempt is likely to be at the end of next week or that weekend and I just want to be here when it happens! Actually, I want to be here to sleepily ask each morning, "What was it?". Every morning when Wendy first wakes up, she takes her temperature. When the little digital thermometer beeps indicating the temp check has completed, she gets up and goes to the bathroom to turn on the light to read it. Upon return, I typically ask her what it was. Funny how a tenth of a degree change in temperature makes your mind race!

All next week should mark the days before ovulation and along with her ovulation test kit, she'll be monitoring her progress toward the big day. And...I just want to be here for this seemingly simple, un-earthshaking thing. But, more important I suppose is that I'm here for the actual hormone surge that indicates ovulation is on the way and the flight to San Francisco to make our first attempt at getting pregnant. So...I suppose I'll be a trooper and patiently wait for my first call of the day to check on her progress, but I'll be wishing I was here for certain.

- Karen

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Ethan Barry's Momma said...

Karen...I hope that you are having a good trip. We all miss you.

Ethan and his parents