Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Moving the office

Wendy here.

Once we decided we wanted to have a baby, we started discussing which room the little critter would live.

The obvious choice was "the bunny room"- affectionately named for the garden mural, with bunny, painted on the walls. Our house was a show home before we bought it and this room was decorated as a nursery.

However, for the past year, it's been our office. And it is chocked full of office furniture, computers and equipment.

But I felt this incredible need to open up a space in our home for the baby. Gutsy and a little soon... I know... but hey!

So last Friday, we spent the afternoon walking the computers down the stairs to the "new office" which is an empty, unused dining room. We had the joy of moving the treadmill from the dining room to the garage (and getting it wedged in the doorway...now that was a lots of fun!!) Karen got to disassemble the desks (since they are too big for any doorways) and then reassemble them downstairs. But by Friday evening, we had it done. The new office is smaller and already I miss the lovely moss green walls and white wainscoting of the old office but I'm really tickled to have done it.

Now we have this big empty room for the newest addition to our family. And the cats, while really freaked out for a while, have adjusted to the new arrangements.

Here's a picture of the nursery during the house show.

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