Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Bark, Doc and pictures

Yesterday we had mulch delivered to our house via "The Bark Blowers". Now why didn't I think of this idea?

Basically mulch is blown onto your flower beds via a great big vacuum hose attached to a delivery truck full of mulch. They mulched in 15 minutes what took me 2 days to mulch myself last year.

I had to restrain my little redneck self from running out and taking pictures of the bark blowing truck in action. Already the dudes who operated the equipment thought we were a little weird because we had staked down white mesh over my little seedlings to keep them from getting trampled. The back yard looked like there was little pieces of toilet paper flung all over the place.

The guys did a great job mulching and then cleaning up. It was well worth my dollar.
. . . . . . . .

We had our 35 week doctor's appointment yesterday. I had an internal exam as well as my Strep B test. The baby is beginning to drop but so far no dilation or effacement (which is fine because it's still a bit early for that). We had a quick ultrasound to confirm that the baby is head down and that she is, in fact, still a girl. We laughed when the doctor said she wanted to double-check so there were no big surprises when she was born. Kylie took a couple of amniotic breaths which was good to see.

My blood pressure is up ever so slightly from my normal range but it's still excellent at 106/70. And there was no protein in my urine-hurray!

I'm beginning to get more uncomfortable and swollen but I feel so lucky that I'm still able to Jazzercise, that I haven't had heartburn (which plagues so many pregnant women), that the baby doesn't kick my ribs, and that I'm able to still sleep lying down. A lot to be grateful for!

Here's a 35 week belly shot:

And here are two presents we received in the mail from Larry K.- a colleague of Karen's.
Nine month outfit

Sweet bear



hotomiky said...

Whooo... Your near!

good pix of you with a belly...

glad your dr visit went well!

Good Luck :o)

Holly said...


Anonymous said...

You are beautiful and glowing. I love to see the pictures and be reminded of how excited you are!

Dee said...

Look at you! Great belly shot!!!

How cool is it to see them to practice breathing in amniotic fluid! Too, too cool.

Glad she's still a girl!!

Ethan Barry's Momma said...

Your mulch does look wonderful. I can't wait until we get ours done.

Congrats on a wonderful 35 week appt. I am glad that you and Kylie are doing so well. That is awesome too that you got to see her breathing. That was an important part of a good looking Biophysical Profile that they did on Ethan when they had to induce me at 36 weeks.

Good for you for staying so active. I am very proud of you. I was on strict bedrest at this point in my pregnancy. You go girl!!

Anonymous said...

those overalls are very cute, and you're looking lovely in your blue dress. i very jealous of your lack of heartburn!

Momai said...

That certainly is a lot to be grateful for. Congratulations, and you look lovely!

Anonymous said...

You look beautiful! Almost time...

Oh man, that mulch thing is so cool. I am going to look into that for our yard!!