Monday, November 26, 2007


This post has a couple of things I've been thinking about interspersed with Kylie pictures.

  • Anxious Dreams
    The Dec/Jan issue of Parenting magazine reports that as many as 75% of new moms have anxious dreams about their infants' safety (like the baby is lost under the covers) that wake them in the night.

    This is absolutely true for me. At least once a week for over 6 months, I would be sound asleep but sitting up and patting the bed, frantically looking for the baby. To make matters worse, I've hit Karen several times in my search. Poor Karen is sound asleep and kapow! she gets a punch out of nowhere! Every time, Karen would have to hug me and repeat over and over that the baby was safe and asleep in her crib in her room. Finally, I would wake up enough to understand her. My heart would race with adrenaline and then I would feel so guilty for "having done it again". It would usually take me over an hour to get back to sleep.

    The weird thing is that we have never, ever had Kylie in the bed with us. But that wouldn't stop me from patting the bed looking for her so many times each week. It was a relief to read that other moms experience this too.

    Here's a Kylie picture:

  • Hard-to-open Gerber food packs
    Does anyone think that the Gerber food packs are incredibly hard to open? And the organic food is harder to open than the non-organic? Every day, I try to carefully open those packs. The inner seal is glued on with some kind of superglue. And the vacuum-seal creates a food explosion when it's opened. I get baby food on my shirt every day opening these packs!

    Conversely, my Chip-Ahoy cookies have an easy, peel-back opening.

    Why do they make things that are suppose to be good for you incredibly hard to open?

    Another Kylie picture and I love this one. I see this face all the time but this is the first time I've caught it in a photo. This look is, "I'm thinking of smiling at you but I'm going to hold it inside".

    Kylie has started squirming around when we're trying to give her a bottle. I've had to grow adept at moving her from arm to arm while holding a bottle at the same time. I'm not sure what all the squirming is about. Many times, when she first squirms, I'll put the bottle away. But then she cries because she's hungry for it. So I try to feed her and she squirms and pushes away. Might be a teething thing or an independence thing but it would be lovely if it would stop.

    Here are a few more pictures. Take care everyone!


    Kerry Lynn said...

    What a depressing baby Kylie is. It's really too bad she doesn't smile more.


    I HATE the geber packs your're talking about! I've taken to opening them AWAY from me so as to not take a bath in sweet potatoes.

    One thing I've noticed is that the stage 3 6 oz jars are a bunch cheaper (unit price wise) and the consistency of the sweet potatoes, bananas, peaches, mixed fruit etc. is the same as stage 1 or 2. So we've been eating those.
    I've tried the turkey/rice etc and they do just fine with the chunkier bits although I don't think they like it. although I'm not crazy about the ingredients in the meat ones anyway. trying to avoid processed flour.

    too bad i don't follow this diet myself!

    Jen said...

    oh that next to last one just kills me - coy AND cute! not that they're not all adorable but you know. :)

    also, i still have the baby-in-danger dreams too. mine are usually that i've lost her in a store or left her in the car but once i even dreamt that i dropped her in a river. crazy - and yes, they suck bigtime.

    Stacey said...

    Cute picture.

    What Gerber food packs do you mean? Are they frozen or jarred foods?

    I can imagine how awful those dreams are. Thankfully, I've not had those dreams myself. I can't imagine your sleep is very good after one of those! I hope they go away soon.

    Soupy said...

    TOO cute- that girl is a doll! Love her dimples!
    And Keifer is doing the same thing lately when she drinks her bottle- all over the place - almost fell off my lap last night!

    SJayneI said...

    She is such a cutie!!!