Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New routines

Geesh! It's so hot and humid and sticky. I am ready for Fall.

I went out and bought a mini cooler and those little fake ice packs that go in it. Now, if I take any sort of trip in the car with Kylie, I have to grab the cooler for her water and juice and snacks. She gets tickled when she sees the cooler. Because she knows she'll get a Capri-Sun juice box. She calls it her "special juice". She only gets one a day and only when she's in the car. I raise my Diet Coke can at her and say, "Mommy's got her special juice too!" and Kylie will laugh and say, "Huh-huh Mommy. That's Diet Coke."

Keeping a cooler nearby and beverages for the cooler in the fridge is just one of many new routines for our new home.

Another is running the dishwasher. I need to run the dishwasher after breakfast and unload it during lunch. I'm used to running it at night and unloading it during breakfast but this one is so dang loud that that it would keep Kylie awake.

Same goes for the washer and dryer.

Between figuring out when I can do these regular chores and what day the garbage men come and the different aisle layouts of the nearby Safeway and Target and remembering to grab the cooler and bug spray, I end up feeling pretty harried by the end of the day.

But one constant remains...sweet Kylie.

And my Kylie ALWAYS loves her parks

and her mulch.

Ah... the simple life.


Laurie said...

I love that you both have special juice.. too cute. :)

Ethan Barry's Momma said...

I am still figuring all out of my new routines after four months. It seems that things are constantly changing with Ethan which creates changes in how I respond and what I do. It sounds like you are getting a good handle on it though.

Love the "special juice" for both of you too.

Louise said...

My special "Auntie Juice" is gin and tonic but that is a whole other story!

I just wanted to let you know what a fabulous job I think you have done in relocating Kylie so seamlessly. I know that you must have done a ton of work behind the scenes to make that happen but you are great parents for doing it.

You are both such great parents!