Thursday, September 24, 2009

Acorn bags and art

I met a very nice mom at Burke Lake Park today. She was the mother of seven children (can you believe it!). She had her 2 yr old son and her 3 yr old daughter with her. She had adopted both of them from China. And the daughter was adopted just a month ago.

I usually have my headphones on and listen to an audiobook when I'm at the park. But I'm so glad I took them off and just hung out with this mom. Hearing her speak lightly of her trials as she talked about this 3 yr old girl who doesn't speak English and who is thrust into this new family made me oh-so-grateful for my family. And hearing how many groceries she goes through each week (over a gallon of milk a day) put my weekly grocery store runs into proper perspective.

She had an empty ziploc bag with her. Kylie kept bringing me handfuls of acorns so this mom offered me the bag. What a miracle this bag turned out to be. Kylie loved it! She carried around the bag, putting acorn after acorn into it until it was almost full.

Kylie certainly got an arm workout carrying around her acorn bag. She was tickled to pieces with it. I really hope I see this mom again. I liked her immensely. And she certainly had me counting my blessings.

Kylie's schedule is filled to the brim for Fall. She's started her new swim school, her new Gymboree play class, and I've enrolled her in both an art class and a music class at our local Rec center. I really appreciate the art class. Kylie gets to make fun things like this:

(this elephant hat fits over her head like a crown)

(this is a fishbowl with fish stickers)

The art eacher focuses the art on two letters of the day. In these pictures our letters were "E" and "F". She also reads a few stories and has some dancing to music to fill up the 45 minute class. I love the art projects. I love that all the supplies are cut up and ready for us. And toddler art just seems to be more fun with a group of kids. Looking around and seeing her peers get into their art projects keeps Kylie focused on doing hers. I put her artwork for the week on the refrigerator. And as we eat our meals, Kylie will look over and say, "Look at my art! Look what I did!"

I'll sign off now with this last picture of Kylie at Burke Lake Park.


Stacey said...

love the pictures.

art class rocks! awesome. :)

it is fun to meet other moms sometimes. i find it makes me feel less isolated.

2momswithaplan said...

Wow! Over a gallon of milk a day! I couldn't even imagine. Kudos to her.

On another note - Kylie is simply adorable. She grows in every picture - it seems. I especially love the last picture of her.

Beth said...

great pictures. adam LOVES acorns, too. we definitely need to go to burke lake together! are you still free on tuesday mornings or is there a better time now for you? looking forward to our next playdate! =)

CJ said...

Um, where is the bag of acorns now? From personal experience, if you allow it into the house, it will "grow" these lovely slug/maggot looking bugs that will worm their way OUT OF the bag and onto your carpet...or wherever else the bag happens to be stashed.