Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Art class- igloo and jacks

Today was art class day and Kylie made an igloo. This is how she did it. We took a syrofoam cup and glued it to a paper plate. Then, with a popsicle stick, Kylie smeared vanilla icing from a can all over the cup. Then she stuck sugar cubes in the icing. Ta-dah! Igloo.

It's days like today that I'm so glad that she's in an art class. I never would have attempted that creation at home. But she had a great time making it.

She also made a painting by using jacks. A bit of paper, paint, jacks and a ball all set inside a box and then you simply shake the box. Kylie and I took turns shaking the box and then looking at the tracks that were made.

I finally wised up and remembered to take her art smock with us to class-along with baby wipes to clean her hands. I particularly wanted her clothes protected because Kylie is wearing a brand-new Fall outfit. Hurray for Fall tights!


CJ said...

You want to know a cleaner version of the jacks project?? Get a large coffee can with a lid, put a piece of paper inside it (like a liner) drop a few large drops of paint on the bottom of the can, drop in three or so marbles, put the lid on....and shake it!! When you're done shaking, you can pop the lid off and let it dry inside the can before taking out the paper, or take it out and hang it to dry. My kids always LOVED this project! And it's CLEAN!

Laurie said...

What creative and fun projects! And I love the tights :)

Nicole Elizabeth said...

Ditto to what Laurie said, I love the tights too.