Wednesday, November 04, 2009

What's his name?

Kylie is obsessed with names right now. She'll hold up one of her Little People and say, "What's his name?" When she's through with the people, we move on to her farm animals, her zoo animals, her sea animals, any of her cars that have faces and always it's the same questions, "What's his name?" "What's her name?"

My favorite is when she says, "That's not her name" and has me guess again. "Uh Amy? Barbara? Charlie? Frances? And each time, it's "That's not her name."

And don't even think of not answering, because she'll keep asking "What's her name?" over and over until my brain leaks out my nose.

She's a crafty, patient, incessant little kiddo.


Anabelle said...

My daughter names everything Sally, or Sally Boy haha

Laurie said...

I LOVE her outfit!!

Alayna said...

Very cute! That outfit is adorable, too. Our little guy is also into incessant questioning - for him, it's why, why, why. I try to remember that he's just trying hard to understand the world around him, because it gets hard to come up with answers to question after question after question for months on end!

CJ said...

I make up silly names and Em cracks up. You mean there isn't a little girl running around named SpongeEmCircleHead?