Monday, January 11, 2010

Hello Harvey

Say hello to Harvey. Harvey is Kylie's imaginary dog and he lives at the end of this pretend leash. This used to be a belt of mine but it now is part of Kylie's collection of ribbons and necklaces and other "glittery things" as she calls them. When she stumbles across the belt, out pops Harvey. She feeds Harvey from her plastic grocery foods and takes him for walks. Oh, and she came up with the name all by herself. Quite imaginative don't you think?

Over the weekend, I completed two projects that have been on my mind for weeks.

The first was to create a menu for Kylie's lunches. I have no memory these days and I worry that I've offered her the same thing too many days in a row. So I finally wrote a menu out, taking care to make it well-balanced and varied. And then I posted it on the refrigerator. It's going to be such a relief to look at it each day and know what I'm going to fix her. Instead of looking into my pantry and thinking, "What in the world did I feed her yesterday? Was it peach cups or oranges?"

If anyone is interested, I can post her lunch menu here. I've not gotten many comments lately and am not sure if writing about her food would interest anyone or have them run screaming from the blog.


Another little project that I completed is an activity clipboard. Each card you see is laminated and has a Velcro circle tab on the back that corresponds with a Velcro tab attached to the clipboard. That way I can easily change the cards for our activities. For this picture, I put up the activities we normally do after Kylie wakes up from her nap. I’m trying to encourage her to play by herself during “free play” time instead of expecting me to entertain and play with her. It will be helpful (I hope) to point to the clipboard.

Lastly, here are two recent scrapbook pictures:



Soupy said...

Oh, I'd love to see what you girls are eating :)

Soupy said...

You might be interested in these links:
Picture recipes:

scroll down to "Pecs pictures" and it'll list what they have pics of (real life or cartoon/boardmaker pics) you might find useful when making "schedules" :)

Marion said...

I'd like to see the menu.

M said...

I'd like to see it :)

ae1501 said...

I think you are doing an amazing job! Her transition to school will also be easier thanks to the mini-structure you have built in with many of your activities. I have some suggestions for you once you want to start working more formally with her on her letters and sounds. Feel free to email me at when you are ready for them.

Teaberry said...

Such great ideas-- you could be a preschool teacher! Do you think you'll home school Kylie?

And I love the bugs-- they are great!

Have you taken her to Paint Your Own Pottery in Fairfax City yet? You'd both love that, I'm sure!